Mehmet loves baris

Mehmet Loves Barış: Free the total objector Mehmet Tarhan Yazar : otonomA
Gay, anarchist, and total objector Mehmet Tarhan is taken into
custody by the police force in Izmir, while he was staying in a
hotel and sent to military bureau. Now Mehmet Tarhan is insisting on his civil disobedience action and if necesary, he will start hunger strike.At Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir groups are formed to suppart Mehmet Tarhan and are working for organising a big compaign. One of the discussion points nowadays is to make total objection announcements totally. The results of our discussions and content of campaigns will be announced at anarchist and anti-militarist websites. Military and civic fascist organisations have started to attack Kurds, trying to lynch leftist groups at the streets, even the bureaus of DEHAP
(a legal political party for the rights of Kurds) and of leftist groups are shown as places to be attacked. All these reactionist acts are legitimised by a news that two children aged 12 have tried to burn the Turkish flag at Mersin.Anarchists and antimilitarists are also affected by this racist wave. Mehmet Tarhan who is taken into custody will be sent to a military unit in a day (now we learned that he is at his way), and will be forced to serve as a soldier.

As far as we are informed about the discussions held in the bureau, Turkish military force is determined to attack at all total and conscientious objectors living at Turkey, and make us obey the rules of them. So, we as antimilitarist people are expecting to confront with a very difficult period. It is very likely to experince mass trials nowadays.

For this reason we are calling all the anarchist, antiauthoritarian and antimilitarist groups living in other countries to arrange actions and campaigns to repress the Turkish state.If we can?t resist against the wave, the anarcisht and antimilitarist movement of this country will loose its effect.

In order to prevent this danger, all the antimilitarist and
antiauthoritarian groups gathered together as a first step of a long campaing.We expect from our comrades to support and act with us.

We know that they can?t stop us by imprisoning, killing or ignoring.

Revolution is anywhere, and nothing will suppress it!


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Total objection text of Mehmet Tarhan:

It is thought that the bombs that are throwen upon Afghan people are the result of the killing of hundreds of people in USA while flies are crashing to Twin Towns on 11th of September. It is expected that all over the world should cooperate in the attack against Afghan people. I curse every kind of violence and I believe that joining or approving any kind of violent event is a responsibility that would open the door for new violent events and new traumas for every approving people. I think that wars are created by states for their power and primarily it is the denial of the right of living of people. Whatever the reason is, to deny the right of living is a crime and no international aggrement can legitimize it. That is why I declare that I will not be an agent of that crime. I will not serve for any of the military apparatuses.

I miss a humanity that is purified from violence and power struggles, a humanity that is borderless and in peace with nature. The fact that it does not exist now does not change my ideas and my struggle to create it.

I do not believe in the necessity of the state and I do not feel any belonging to any state. I never want to strengthen military forces by actions called as the duties of citizenship. The state claimng I am a citizen of it wants to use me for military service, to turn me into a death machine and to make me a part of the crime that I explained by comprimising me in itself. The aim of the state is to reproduce its power and itself. I will not let it happen and I will protect my beliefs. I perceive the rotten report that is provided for me because I am a gay as the sign of the decadance of the state itself.

As an individual, I will not serve for any kind of military or other apparatuses of any state. I admit that to excuse for this is an insult to myself and I refuse every kind of state permission or deferences of the state.

So, I totally refuse to serve in the military service.I quest everybody not to join to the army, not to let any kind of bureacratic operations, to refuse control mechanisms of the state such as MERNIS and tax number.I quest everybody for solidarity by non violent actions.

The way to stop the war is to destroy its human resources.

Every kind of violence is a crime of humanity.

Mehmet Tarhan

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