a new asian anarchist voice is born introduction by michael schmidt (zacf)

Southern African, Anarchist journal Zabalaza

Because of its unmatched radical stance on race, imperialism and colonialism, the
anarchist / syndicalist movement established a powerful presence in several countries of
the Far East in the early decades of the 20th Century: in particular China which sufferedzab10
the depredations of warlordism and European land grabs, where it formed the first trade
unions in the port of Canton (now Guangzhou) in 1913, established significant syndicalist
unions such as the Hunan Workers’ Association and other affiliates of the Confederation of
Labour Unions in the industrial heartlands, and surviving in numbers some 10,000 strong at
the time of the Maoist take-over in 1949; Korea which resisted Japanese imperialism,
especially in the Korean Anarchist Communist Federation’s and Korean Anarchist
Federation’s long fighting retreat through Manchuria where an anarchist revolution was
achieved in 1929-1931; and in the heart of the beast, Japan itself where women played a
leading role in the anti-imperialist movement and in the syndicalist unions of the Nihon
Jikyo and Zenkoku Jiren.

There were also significant pre-WWII anarchist, syndicalist and anarchist-influenced
movements in the Philippines (the Unión Obrera Democratica Filipinas of 1901-1913),
Vietnam (the Tan Viet Thanh Nien Doan, the Viet Nam Cach Man Dang, and the Hoi Kin Nguyan
An Ninh of the 1920s), Malaysia (the Anarchist Federation of 1919-1925?), India (the
pre-independence anarchist wing of the Congress Socialist Party in 1934-1947), and Punjab,
Hindustan and Afghanistan (the Ghadar Party of 1913-1938? which had branches in
British-occupied Kenya and is believed to have had some influence among South Africa’s
large Indian community) as well as anarchist networks in Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia,
Ottoman Turkey, Iran, French-occupied Syria/Lebanon, and British-occupied Palestine. Many
of these militants inhabited a global network of mobile revolutionaries, students,
peasants and workers who operated as far afield as the Panama Canal Zone, East Africa,
Brazil, North Africa, and the USA – a vibrant movement that is now being recovered by a
new generation of Asian militants. So it is with great pleasure that the ZACF welcomes the
announcement of a new pan-Asian online anarchist journal, Jalan: A journal of Asian
Liberation http://www.jalanjournal.org Their founding statement follows:

Jalan Journal is an independent journal
written by a multiracial collective of
activists who work toward the liberation of
Asian peoples from the forces of racism,
empire and neo-colonialism. Asians
are Pakistani, Iraqi, Afghani, Korean,
Cambodian, Chinese, Palestinians and
countless other faces. We are gender-
bending men and women, queer and
straight. We are fierce and loving. We are
what the racists fear. Many of us are also
here in the United States. This journal
seeks to promote discussion and provide
linkages, to remember the past so as to
build for the future. We hope to discuss
the struggles of Asian-American peoples
in the United States from an anti-racist
and democratic perspective in order to
build solidarity among our communities
and with working folks in Asia. We combat
the historical and political roots of the
model minority myth that has functioned
to divide Asians from other working
class people of color, both in the US and
internationally. We also critically oppose
the statist and oppressive versions of
pan-Asian liberation found in Maoism,
Bandungism and the Japanese empire of
yesteryear. Today, a new vision is our only
option, nourished by everyday struggles
for freedom and democracy that Asian
peoples wage in the family, at work, in
their neighborhoods, and schools. From
the relentless Intifadas of Palestinians
pushing up against apartheid, to the jam-
packed streets of the 2005 Hong Kong
WTO protests exploding with fierce South
Korean farmers, Filipino activists and
Japanese anarchists, we are in action
A new society all around us is breaking
Read more from our Mission statement

Related Link: http://www.zabalaza.net
Jalan #1 on http://ainfos.ca/09/jan

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