Poland, Demonstration in Krakow

krakow%20026– 20 years of fake democracy and false freedom



On 4 June 1989 there were the first “democratic” elections in Poland after the fall of the
PRL. Politicians celebrated the destruction of fake communism and the introduction of fake
freedom. —- One camp of right-wing conservative politicians celebrated in Gdansk with a
mass. Another group celebrated in Krakow with heads of states who came to show how good
life without “communism” is. Anarchists went there to protest against the fake freedom of
voting and against the government’s neo-liberal policies. —- PM Tusk was afraid to go to
Gdansk shipyard, which his government helped to liquidate. Civic Platform, the biggest
enemy of the workers, sent in the police against shipyard workers two months ago in
Warsaw, and workers don’t want to see Tusk in his hometown.

Wawel Castle is very safe for politicians, built to protect against invaders and protected
by a legendary dragon, so nobody can get in there. Krakow was like a fortress, but
anarchists managed a demonstration down the main streets anyway. The anarchist
demonstration was joined by the tenants’ group that has been protesting in Krakow for
their rights.

The demonstrators criticized this false democracy. The Anarchist Federation had a banner
saying “Without us there is no democracy”, which means that the democracy of politicians
is a false democracy, only direct democracy is real. The Union of Syndicalists had a
banner saying “Enough compromises! The class war continues”. In 1989 Solidarity leaders
made a deal to get into power and put the workers’ aspirations in the dustbin. And the
unions are still trying to make compromises, not class war. Tenants also had their banner,
“In defending tenants’ rights” and a poster about the 19th postulate of Solidarity, never
fulfilled, the “right to shorter waiting times for flats”.

The Union of Syndicalists had another banner saying “Our dreams don’t fit in your ballot
boxes” and gave out boycott the election leaflets. The Anarchist Federation from Krakow
had a newspaper about democracy and anarchism. People from Left Alternative made speeches
during the demonstration.

There were a lot of police and many undercover police at the demonstration, but it was
quiet. Police tried to take one person from the demo, but he was released. Today there is
a lecture in Krakow by anarchists.

In Gdansk there was only a small action. Anarchists went with a banner saying “Against all
parties” to the demonstration of the Law and Justice party. Solidarity activists who
support this conservative party made an attack on anarchists and in doing this disrupted
their own event.

In Warsaw, the Union of Syndicalists distributed leaflets against voting and held a banner
during a concert of bands, many of them punk, which were anti-establishment in 1989 and
were celebrating the petit bourgeois idea of “freedom”. Also the group was in Katowice at
a trade union demonstration by Solidarity, those of them who didn’t support the political
and church event in Gdansk.

The other article about this demonstration is here with links to photos and videos.
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