Palestine-Israel, The Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall

Palestine-Israel, The Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall are still in the front of the joint struggle against the occupation.

For more than a year Bil’in is not the only persisting popular struggle. The activists of the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative joined this week the expanding popular struggle of the Palestinians in Bil’in, Ni’ilin, Um-Salmuna, Saffa, the Jordan valley, Izbet Tabib, Bnei Zid, and the Jerusalem region. In addition to rising the moral, some successes were achieved. The joint struggle get lot of publicity in the Israeli and the international media. (Just do an internet search of the phrase “Anarchists Against the Wall” and see the tens of thousands of links found.)


Some 20 Israelis and 50 internationals joined several dozens of Palestinians for the weekly demo in Bil’in. The demonstrators marched toward the wall singing and chanting against the Israeli occupation and the wall. Some of the internationals, due to pressure from the people who had organized their visit, did not march with the demonstrators, but only watched them from the side and stayed behind. As in the last two weeks, the military was not as aggressive as in previous months, and shot relatively small amounts of gas, which increased as the demo went on. When some demonstrators managed to open the gate and get between the fences, the soldiers threw shock grenades at them, but did not shoot rubber bullets. The army did, however, shoot gas grenades directly at the ambulance that cam to evict victims of gas inhalation, and used the multiple gas canister cannon when the ambulance was still turning around to head back. Three people suffered direct hits of gas grenades and few needed treatment for gas inhalation.

Naomi Klein in Bil’in 26-6-09 – link to video
Link for video: Bil’in 26-6-09,
Bil’in 3.7.2009 video at

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