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Resolution adopted at the Anarchist Communist Congress, October 1906, London

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“We believe that terrorist acts are the result of decisions made by individuals or by the
circles that support them; so centralized terror, in which an individual plays the role of
executor of the decisions of others, clashes with our concepts.” —- “Attentats” and
anarchist practice —- In our literature, it has often been said that individual or
collective acts of protest against the present social organization – of the sort described
as acts of terrorism – are inevitable. In non-revolutionary periods, they often indicate
an acquisition of social consciousness and stimulate the desire for independence among the
masses. They provide an example of individual heroism in the service of the general cause
and serve to awaken the majority of people who are indifferent.

At the same time, they undermine confidence in the exploiters’ abilities, on the political
and economic level. In periods that are already revolutionary, they form part of a general
situation and these acts are no longer those of committed individuals of exceptional
heroism, who are responding to oppression with armed resistance. Neither need they
necessarily be carried out primarily by revolutionaries in order to sympathise with such
acts. But while recognizing the general situation, it is essential, however, that we do
not forget that the value of every terrorist act is measured by its results and the
impression it produces.

This observation may serve as a way to distinguish the kind of acts that contribute to the
revolution from those that may be a waste of life and forces. The first condition, which
is vital, is that this terrorist act be clear to everyone without the need for long
explanations and complex motivations. In every place there are certain personalities who
are so well known for their actions (be it throughout the whole country or only among the
population of the area concerned) that the news of an attack on them will at once, without
the aid of revolutionary propaganda, remind people of the past history of this individual,
and the motives for the terrorist act are thus quite clear. If, however, the man on the
street who is not a revolutionary, has to rack his brains in order to understand the act,
then the influence of this act is nought, or even negative. The act of protest in the eyes
of the masses becomes an incomprehensible murder.

We find acts of terror in the political and economic fields to be completely artificial,
be they centralised or “spontaneous”. We fight equally against economic and political
oppression, oppression by the central government, and oppression by local authorities.

Regarding the question of terror, there is another aspect – organization. We believe that
terrorist acts are the result of decisions made by individuals or by the circles that
support them; so centralized terror, in which an individual plays the role of executor of
the decisions of others, clashes with our concepts. Just as we do not consider it possible
to stop comrades from engaging in revolutionary acts in the name of party discipline,
neither do we believe it possible to ask them to give up their lives for something which
was not thought up and decided by them.

The main difference on the issue of terror between us and the political parties is that we
do not think that terrorism can serve as a means to change the existing order, but see it
only as a completely natural manifestation of an indignant consciousness or as an act of
self-defence, which for this very reason has an agitational effect, contributing to the
development of a similar feeling of indignation among the people.


(Ob aktakh lichnogo i kollektivnogo protesta, resolution adopted at the Anarchist
Communist Congress, October 1906, London; in Russkaya Revolyutsiya Anarkhizm, pp. 8-9,
London 1907.)

English translation by Nestor McNab.

Community Forum on Kitsap Transit (

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Bremerton, WA)

Click the image for an 11 x 17 poster

Monday, October 21st, 4:00-6:00pm

Monday, November 23rd, 4:30-7:30pm

Sylvan Way Library
1301 Sylvan Way
Bremerton, WA

Thousands of people rely on Kitsap Transit to to get to work, college, doctors appointments, church and community events, while only a few wealthy politicians make the decisions that effect our personal mobility.

Come join the discussion on the future of Kitsap Transit!

For more information, contact kitsapcommunityform@gmail.com.

Ireland, Belfast, Combating Racism and Fascism Means Combating Capitalism

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Continuing the series of articles on anti-racism and anti-fascism in issue 2 of Organise’s
The Leveller, this article deals with racism, the far-right and the recession, emphasising
that the battle against racism and the far-right, is also a battle against the social and
economic conditions that are its root cause. —– The flight of the vast majority of the
116 Roma from Belfast in June following sustained and co-ordinated racist attacks
emphasises the need for effective action against racists in our society. The recent return
of 12 of the Roma men in the first week of August with families to follow does not take
away from this. While the attackers are unlikely to have been members of any of the
British far right organisations seeking to recruit in working class protestant areas of
Northern Ireland these actions will be seen as a boost to the fascists and give
encouragement to racists.

Reactions to the events have been varied but some have chosen to view the attacks through
the prism of sectarianism. While there is undoubtedly widespread and genuine opposition to
racism in West Belfast the mural painted on the International Wall on the Falls Road in
response to the attacks betrays a smug complacency that is at heart as sectarian as those
it condemns for carrying out racist and sectarian attacks.

There is a danger of being blind to the levels of racism right across the sectarian
divide, particularly when it comes to anti-Traveller racism. Travellers still find it
impossible to get appointments at hair dressers, are barred from pubs and shops and are
subject to almost constant racist abuse. That these things, along with last years attacks
on Lithuanians, also happen in West Belfast needs to be acknowledged and challenged. The
recently published Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey for 2008 found that Travellers
faced more prejudice than migrant workers with 51% of those questioned saying they would
have a problem with a Traveller living beside them. This is an increase of 10% since the
last survey.
While much is made of links between Loyalist paramilitaries and the British far right,
many who claim to be opposed to fascism in principle have been silent about reports that
Italian fascists took part, alongside nationalists, in recent riots in Ardoyne.
The notion that it is the ‘Prods’ who are racist and sectarian may serve some sort of
Republican self-image of its imagined community but it does nothing to challenge or
confront bigotry. It is people from within working class protestant communities who are
key to taking on and challenging the racists and fascists within those communities and who
are carrying out attacks and spreading hate.

Increasing Intolerance: A Shift to the Right?

There is a fear that the current recession is driving large sections of society further to
the right. Problems created by slum landlords, cut backs in social housing stock, and
seemingly unending announcements of job losses leave migrant workers more vulnerable to
scapegoating. Unemployment is rising so rapidly that dole offices have been forced to move
from fortnightly to monthly signing, while this may be good news for those of us who are
unemployed and sick of the petty harassment that is associated with signing on it is a
worrying development. Across the UK unemployment has jumped to a staggering (and under
estimated!) 2.38 million – the highest level since 1995. Unemployment in Northern Ireland
had increased to 6.1% this May from 4.6% the year before. There was a 159% increase in
confirmed redundancies over the previous year. While the Northern Ireland unemployment
rate is lower than the average for the rest of the UK it does not take into consideration
the staggering 28.6% figure for the number of working age adults who are economically
The Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey 2008 also found that homophobia and racism are
on the increase in Northern Ireland. Anti-gay prejudice has almost doubled in three years,
from 14% of people surveyed admitting they would have a problem with a gay, lesbian or
bisexual person to 23% in the 2008 poll.
The labour movement in the UK appears to be infected with reactionary nationalist ideas
about ‘British Jobs for British Workers’, taking the lead from the media and Prime
Minister Gordon Brown.
It should come as no great shock that there will be those who want to deflect from the
misery that capital has caused to so many by stirring up bigotry and hatred. The far right
could undoubtedly benefit from the current recession and seek to promote its anti-working
class agenda by scapegoating ‘easy’ targets.
The BNP have now got two MEPs and are actively trying to build a base in Northern Ireland
and have opened a call centre in East Belfast. “B N P” was heard among the chants directed
at those who were involved in the recent defence of the Roma in South Belfast.
Governments have also been busy strengthening repressive legislation and clamping down on
dissent. The UK government are still trying to force ID cards on us, and have entered into
worse than dubious extradition arrangements with the US while Shami Chakrabarti, Director
of Liberty, has warned that the UK has become a surveillance society. Locally the PSNI are
piloting the wearing, as a matter of course, of video cameras by the police while public
displays of dissent were publically clamped down upon by the police at the G20
demonstrations earlier this year.
In the south the state has moved to clamp down on workers trying to protect themselves
from the worst blows of the recession and has engaged in heavy-handed raids on workers
occupying the Thomas Cook outlet in Dublin. Anti-Shell activists have also been jailed.

The Alternative?

Of course the conditions described above are the very same conditions that give rise to
resistance that is aimed straight at the cause of the social problems we are currently
experiencing as a result of capitalism and the state. This issue of the Leveller is full
of inspiring examples of workers fighting back and winning! Working class self
organisation and solidarity are what are called for in the struggle against racism and
fascism and in the struggle against capital and state.


Pumped Up Vigilantes?

Continuing the series of articles on anti-racism and anti-fascism in issue 2 of The
Leveller (Aug-Oct 2009), the newspaper of Irish anarchist group Organise!. This article is
a response to Derek Hanway’s (director of Irish traveller organisation An Munia Tober)
claims that those who defended the Roma under attack in Belfast in the summer of 2009 were
pumped up vigilantes.

Derek Hanway’s article in the July/August issue of Fortnight magazine, among other
inaccuracies and distortions, accused anti-racist activists of being pumped up vigilantes
who’s actions were counter-productive. He isn’t alone in that attitude, it is a position
which has been whispered by many, from the voluntary and community ‘sector’, church
‘leaders’, bureaucrats and politicians and more publicly by the police.
Hanway betrays his lack of knowledge about the situation when he says anti-racist
activists’ presence outside Roma homes, which had been attacked, attracted unwelcome
“Anyone with a knowledge of Roma people would have known about a general reluctance by
Roma to attract attention,” the director of An Munia Tober Travellers Centre said.
“While the Roma families were still in their damaged homes, they were being ‘protected’ by
anti-racist activists. I witnessed many acting like pumped up vigilantes, some bringing
cider carry-outs to the garden of one home. This response strengthened the Roma families’
sense of fear and attracted more unwelcome attention to their homes.”
True, 3 or 4 punks brought a couple of tins of beer while they sat-down outside the home,
but they were very much a minority of those at the home, and were told that doing so was
inappropriate. That said, they were among the few people who did bother to stay with the
families all night on the Monday. Hanway can say what he likes, but he was not there
helping these people defend themselves, and his ill-informed comments read like he did
nothing more than drive by in a car. He clearly did not speak to the Roma families, who
overwhelmingly welcomed the support from local residents, anti-racists and anti-fascists.
They brought cups of coffee out to supporters and made abundantly clear that they very
much welcomed the showing of solidarity demonstrated by locals and activists.
Hanway ignores the fact that there had been no publicity surrounding the attacks before
Monday 15th June. The only unwelcome attention being visited upon the Romanian families
was that of the racists who had persistently carried out attacks in the absence of any
protests, defence or publicity.
The Socialist Party were right when interviewed by the BBC, that “The Roma families were
extremely supportive of the stance that we took and if Mr Hanway was there he would have
seen the hospitality we received from the families.” The supporters only stayed with the
Roma families as long as they were asked. When some supporters thought about leaving after
repeated hassle from the police about the crowd outside the house, the families politely
asked us to stay, and help them defend their homes.
It should come as no surprise that the only nights the houses were not attacked were those
when a physical presence was visible. Hanway also bemoans the fact that the police did not
realise the “damage” anti-racists were doing, wishing that they had acted to remove those
acting in defence of the Roma families. Gary Mulcahy of the Socialist Party, who were
central to the organisation of support for the families points out in their response to
Hanway’s article that:
On Channel 4 News a representative from the PSNI was unable to defend their inaction and
admitted that the PSNI did not respond appropriately. The most effective defence of the
homes was not to rely on the police; it was by organising local residents to be present
outside of the homes. This approach, combined with the protest and publicity, succeeded in
stopping the attacks.
It was the intervention of the authorities, church groups, liberal ‘do-gooders’, the
political establishment and the Northern Ireland Executive who began a process of
‘repatriation’, encouraging the families to return to Romania. In doing so they are guilty
of handing a victory to the racists.


No Gods, No Masters: how the churches and politicians failed to help the Roma in Belfast

Continuing the series of articles on anti-racism and anti-fascism in issue 2 of The
Leveller (Aug-Oct 2009), newspaper of Irish anarchist group Organise!, this article
comments on the failure of the churches and politicians to tackle racism in Belfast.

When the attacks on Roma homes in South Belfast finally ceased after a week, it wasn’t
because of the actions of eager politicians or earnest church representatives. However
when the Roma made the final decision, 6 days after the first attack, to leave their
homes, politicians were in for the photo ops, and the churches weren’t far behind in using
the crisis to promote themselves. News broadcasters worldwide took an interest in a
sanitised humanitarian ‘flight’ story, but had been pretty reluctant in the previous days
to cover the racist attacks.

Supporters and anti-racist activists were scapegoated by the media, either for provoking
an attack on the anti-racist protest on Monday 16 June, apparently ‘bringing it on
ourselves’, or for allegedly sealing the fate of the Roma by standing side by side with
them, at their request. But these charges levelled at anti-racist protestors only serve to
deflect blame for the abject failure that was the response of the police, statutory bodies
and churches to respond when it mattered.

While it was several days before anti-racists were aware of the situation, it was only
when anti-racist activists drew attention to the attacks on the Roma, that politicians,
the media and churches ‘intervened’. Once statutory agencies became involved, rather than
providing practical solidarity in defence of the Roma’s homes, the intervention in reality
became the start of a repatriation process. The politicians and media then had on their
hands a palatable ‘humanitarian crisis’, which allowed them to ‘help’ the Roma, without
getting their hands dirty tackling racism or the social/economic problems that have
fuelled it.

Belfast Mayor Naomi Long only took an interest on the day the Roma finally vacated their
homes. Had the situation not been so grave, it would have been amusing that when she
arrived, she hung around for an hour looking concerned, only to miss a BBC News crew, and
a juicy PR opportunity, by minutes, as she was chauffeur-driven off in her mayoral car.
Other politicians were ‘quick’ to join Naomi in seeking photo opportunities. The Romanian
ambassador posed for the cameras with First and Deputy First Ministers Robinson &
McGuinness, and paid lip-service to anti-racist sentiment, however, at the makeshift
‘refugee camp’ in the Ozone Leisure Centre, he accused the Roma of bringing these attacks
on themselves, and told them that they had made him ‘ashamed to be Romanian’.

In the case of the Roma, the churches involved, and as far as individual members may have
been sincere, also exploited the situation to attempt to bring people ‘back to the
church’. The pastor at the church where the Roma were temporarily housed seized the moment
to indulge in some self-aggrandizement, talking up the church, “my office now is like the
stable at Bethlehem”.

Self-satisfaction oozed from every word, and barely a thought was given to what actually
happened to the Roma people, less than 10 minutes from his church. When interviewed on BBC
Radio 5 Live on the night of Tuesday 17 June, the pastor didn’t even know what had
happened, he didn’t know there been an impromptu assembly of over 200 people against
racism only minutes from his church the previous night, nor that attacks had been going on
nightly for the best part of a week. But boy could he talk about how great it was what he
was doing, and how pleased God was.

This complete detachment from what was really happening in ‘their community’ was
exemplified by another church member, who characterised the generally patronising and
self-congratulatory tone of the church, while saying: “I believe God’s hand was in the
timing of this event.” This Christian do-gooder, like the pastor, remained blissfully
unaware of what had actually occurred.

“our pastor, received an emergency phone call from his wife who relayed a message that
racial riots against Romanians had escalated to the point that about 130 Romanians were
attempting to pack themselves into one home to achieve safety in numbers in response to
threats from their neighbors. A member of our church who works with a relief organization
asked if we could take these families in for the night at our church building… [the
pastor] agreed without hesitation”

These attacks had happened less than ten minutes from the church and had been all over the
national news, yet an ill-informed do-gooder was calling this ‘racial riots’, completely
oblivious to the fact that these were not riots, but a serious of orchestrated and
consistent cowardly racist attacks on one of the most vulnerable minorities in Belfast.
She continued:

“This evening illustrated tremendous human compassion and a battle against racial tension,
but for the Christian community, it signified much more. The relief and care provided to
the Romanians depended on a community of believers working diligently as one body with
many parts. I saw each member find his or her own way to serve, a glorious example of
individual gifts knit together to offer compassion of Christ…What unified us all to
press on through exhaustion and hunger was the knowledge that together we were sharing the
love of Christ and hopefully bringing glory to Him… I remember the sacrifice that Jesus
made for me and that no matter how much I do, I can never truly pay Him back. The beauty
of that is that He doesn’t expect me to!!!! Therefore, as Christians, we serve out of
love, not obligation. I am also mindful that it shouldn’t take a crisis to jolt me into
action. I was bought with a price, I am His. Victory over death has been won, and until
I am with Him, each day of my life should be a sacrificial tribute to God’s glory. We are
His ambassadors, the aroma of Christ…may the world open their hearts and breathe us in.”

We don’t need guidance from religious headcases, nor can we appeal to them to tackle
issues related to the existence of racism or the inequalities of class-society. Under
capitalism, racist divisions will always be used to divide the working class, and
particularly during a recession, tensions are pushed, so anyone conveniently perceived as
‘different enough’ can be blamed for the deficiencies in our lives, be they lack of
housing, lack of jobs, or generally poor living conditions.

Gründungsveranstaltung Initiative FAU Essen 10.10.09

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Wie berichtet, steht die Gründung eines Allgemeinen Syndikates (ASY) der FAU in der Ruhrgebietsmetropole Essen kurz bevor. Am 10.10.2009 ist es endlich soweit: Die Initiative zur Gründung lädt zur offiziellen und öffentlichen Gründungsveranstaltung ein.
InteressentInnen aus Essen und umliegenden Orten sind herzlich eingeladen, sich zu beteiligen.

Gründungsveranstaltung Initiative FAU Essen 10.10.09

10.10.09, 18 Uhr | JZ Papestr., Papestr. 1 | 45147 Essen









Selbstdarstellung und Vortrag über Anarchosyndikalismus

Die freie ArbeiterInnen Union (FAU-IAA) ist eine Selbstorganisation von ArbeiterInnen mit oder ohne Job. Wir kämpfen für die Verbesserung der derzeitigen Arbeits- und Lebensbedingungen und somit gegen die Folgen des kapitalistischen Verwertungsprozesses.

Doch wir belassen es nicht dabei, sondern wir wollen gemeinsam die Prozesse entwickeln und fördern, die es uns allen ermöglichen in einer libertären und klassenlosen Gesellschaft zu leben. Direkte Aktionen stehen im Mittelpunkt unserer Strategie: Anstatt Ziele und Forde­rungen, die unsere konkreten Lebensverhältnisse betref­fen, über Parlamente und Verhandlungsrunden – also „indirekt” durch Funktionäre und Interessenvertreter –zu transportieren, wollen wir sie durch unser direktes gemeinsames Auftreten durchsetzen.
Die direkten Aktio­nen reichen von Bildungs- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit über organisierte Selbsthilfe im Alltag bis zu Streiks, Boykot­ten und Besetzungen. Dabei setzen wir immer auf alternative Lebensentwürfe nach dem Prinzip der gegenseitigen Hilfe.
Am 10.10.2009 findet eine Infoveranstaltung zur Gründung einer Essener Gruppe statt. Wer Lust hat selbst aktiv zu werden, kann dort mehr zum Thema Anarchosyndikalismus erfahren.

Weitere Infos während der Veranstaltung oder bei Fragen: kontakt-west@fau.org

kedi 2


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1-8 Ekim 2009 tarihlerinde İMF ve Dünya Bankası İstanbul’da
toplanıyor. Onların ne söyleyeceklerini çok iyi biliyoruz: daha fazla
kar için daha fazla sömürü! Bize kalan tek şey ise isyanımız.
İnsanlığın krizi olan kapitalizme isyan!

Söz söyleme sırası, iş bulamayan, çalışsa da hakkını alamayan, çalışma
koşulları yüzünden hastalanan, kum torbası olarak denenen, bedenini
satmak zorunda bırakılan, sokakta yaşayan, yaptığı kondusu başına
yıkılan, yakınları sel sularına kapılan, çocukları kaybedilen, evde
sokakta tacize uğrayan, bankalara borçlandırılan, topraklarından
sürülenlerde. “Mağdur” değil, öfkeliler. Düzenlediğimiz bu toplantıda,
gelip kendi sözlerini söyleyecekler,

Beraber olursak engelleriz, beraber olursak yıkarız, beraber olursak
yeniden yaratırız.


Yeni bir mücadele: Ülkenin diktatörlüğe doğru sürüklenişini durdurmak için otoyolların, limanların ve gümrüklerin işgali

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honduras ta direnis

… Çünkü örgütlenmemiş bir halk, üzerinde oynanabilecek bir hamur gibidir, ama örgütlenmiş bir halk, değerlerini, adaletini korur, kendine saygı duydurur

Monseñor Oscar Arnulfo Romero, Homilía 2 Mart 1980

Honduras halkının doksan günü aşkın bir süredir devam eden direnişi ve mücadelesi büyük bir sıçrama yaptı. Geçen Salı gününden beri, şehirlerin ana yollarında devam eden kolektif yürüyüşler ve protestolar köylere, mahallelere ve kasabalara kadar genişledi. Protesto ve eylemlerle, köylerde, mahallelerde ve kasabalarda sokakların alınması çok önemlidir, çünkü:

1- Bu, polisin ve askerin, personel, cephane ve yakıt açısından ilave bir güç sağlaması ve takviye yapması anlamına geliyor ve bunun üzerine iyi tanımadıkları, yerlisi olmadıkları bölgelere ikmal yapmaları ve intikal etmeleri sonucu daha fazla harcama yapmaları ile takviyeden yoksun bir durumda yalnız ve kapana kısılmış bir şekilde kalabilirler,

2- Köy, mahalle ve kasaba, direnişteki halkın iyi tanıdığı mekânlardır ve sadece onlar kısa yolları ayrıntılı olarak bilir,

3- Bu bölgelerdeki mücadele birliktelik veriyor ve özellikle bir konum alınması gerektiğini ve şu ana kadar eylemsiz kalanların çelişkide olduğunun gösterilmesi anlamına geliyor,

4- Köylerdeki ve mahallelerdeki seferberlik daha önceden otobüs ve yemek parası olmadığı için ya da ev kadını olup da yaşlılarla, kardeşleriyle ya da çocuklarıyla ilgilenip evlerini çekip çevirdikler için gösterilere gelemeyenlerin de katılmasına olanak veriyor ve bunların üzerinde günlük işlerde çalışanların çoğu şimdi mahalledeki eylemlere geceleri dâhil olabiliyor,

5- Mahalledeki, köydeki ve kasabadaki örgütlenme kendini tanımlamayı ve etkin olarak eylemler için örgütlenmeyi ve de direnişe devam etmek, ihtiyaçları olan değişimlere gitmek, yolsuzluğu ve mevcut seçim sirkinin kısıtlamalarını sorgulamak ve özellikle de yeni bir ülkeyi ortaya koymak için nedenlerin oturulup tartışılmasını gerektiriyor. Siyasi partileri gerileten ve eşitsizlikleri azaltacak tamamen demokratik ve katılımcı yeni bir gerçekliğin tartışılmasını gerektiriyor. Daha adil ve daha çok hak ettiğimiz bir vatan,

6- Köylerdeki ve mahallelerdeki mücadele, geçmişteki mücadelelerde, köylü isyanlarında, işçi ve şehirli mücadelelerinde görmüş geçirmiş olduklarını anlatan yaşlı insanları birleştiriyor ve onlar yeniden öne çıkarak sokaklardaki eylemlerde önemli bir kartı oynayan genç kadın ve erkeklere ellerini uzatıyorlar,

7- Bunların üzerine, mahallelerdeki örgütlenme seferberliğe dönüşüp evimizdeki sorunlara temas ediyor ve de medyanın saldırısını kırmaya olanak sağlıyor. Bizlerin vandallık peşinde dört muğlak kişi olduğumuza dair resmi damgalamaya karşı bizi birbirimize yaklaştırıyor ve her birimizin kendimizi DİRENİŞ olarak tanımlamasını ve kabul etmemize izin veriyor. Bizler DİRENİŞTEYİZ,

İşte bu şekilde köylerin, mahallelerin ve kasabaların örgütlenmesi ve eyleme geçmesi ile geri dönüş yoktur. Bunlarla beraber farklılıklardan ötürü, bizi yönetmekte olan vasat “Arap” burjuvasının öne koyduğu ve uyguladığı dışlayıcı kıstaslardan ötürü kaybetmekte olduğumuz kamusal alanı yeniden ele geçirmekteyiz. Polis kontrolü için duvarlar ören ve barikatlar kuran ve de hepimizi evlerimize sığınıp komşularımıza sırtımızı dönmemize neden o zenginler ve hevesli orta sınıftır.

Şimdi de yeni bir adım atılabilecek ve yerel örgütlenmenin zenginliği ve kapasitesinden faydalanarak bu vahşi ve baskıcı rejime, büyük şirketlere, “Arap” girişimcilere, darbeye mali olarak yardım sunan ve darbeyi destekleyenlere son bir darbe indirilebilecektir. Bu insanlar, içinde yaşadığımız dışlayıcı ve gerici sistemin içersinde kendilerini zengin etmişlerdir. Onlar için kriz, baskılar ya da sokağa çıkma yasağı mühim değildir, birçok insanın işlerini kaybetmiş olmaları, çocuklarına ve evlerine bir ekmek parası götürmek için evlerinden çıkıp iş arayamayacak halde olmaları, tüketimin çökmesi nedeniyle binlerce orta ve küçük ölçekli firmaların iflasın eşiğine gelmiş olmaları falan önemli değildir.

Tüm bunlarla beraber, Manuel Zelaya’ya iade-i itibar için, Devletin toparlanması için, memleketin düzelmesi için ve kaderlerimize yeni bir yön tayin etmek için köylerde, mahallelerde ve kasabalarda oluşturulan örgütlenmelerin ve yapıların tamamından faydalanmamız gerekmektedir ve en önemlisi onlara en çok acıtan yerden vurmak gerekmektedir: işyerlerinde ve kazanç mekânlarında.

Kara ulaşımını ve limanlarını tutmalı, ülkenin dört bir yanında yüzlerce, binlerce küçük fakat etkili otoyol işgalleri yapmalıyız. Böylece yollara, gümrüklere ve limanlara yakın her küçük köyün içindeki insanları da içimize katabiliriz. Bunlar yarım saatlik, yüz kadar insanla trafiği durdurduğumuz, tekerlek yaktığımız, elimizde ne varsa barikata koyduğumuz ve geçmekte olan arabaların “tekerleklerini patlatmak” için kırık camlar gibi materyaller yerleştirdiğimiz işgallerdir. Yarım saat kadar dayanıyoruz ve KESİNLİKLE POLİS VEYA ASKERLE KARŞI KARŞIYA GELMİYORUZ. TEKRAR EDİYORUM, POLİS VE ASKERLE KARŞI KARŞIYA GELMİYORUZ.

Yakın mahallelerdeki komşularımızdan gelmeden önce bize haber vermelerini rica ediyoruz. Önce enine caddelerden geçiyoruz, bildiğimiz köşelerden ve yollardan geçiyoruz. Polisin ve askerin bizi yakalamaya, lastikleri söndürmeye, camları ve çivileri toplamaya çalışırken yorulması için tabii ki. Halk onları küçük düşürmeli ve içlerinden kimseye yemek vermemeli, satmamalı, lokantaları ve bakkalları kapatmalıyız. Aynı anda otoyolun kilometreler ötesinde başka bir noktasında otoyolun öteki noktasına varması gerekenlere yardımcı olabilmek için yeni bir kontrol noktası kurmak için organize oluyoruz.

Bunların üzerine, şehirlerdeki her kasaba ve mahallede işgallere devam ediyoruz bu yüzden Tegucigalpa ve diğer şehirlerde birçok asker tutmaya devam etmek zorundalar. Ama örgütlenmeliyiz ve telefonla, radyoyla, kodlarla bir iletişim ağı kurmalıyız ve bir noktadan ötekine kaç askerin gittiğini bildirmeliyiz. Polisleri ve askerleri deliye çevireceğiz ve en önemlisi darbeci şirketlerin mallarını otoyollarda rahatça taşımalarına ne de limanlardan ve gümrüklerden çıkarmalarına izin vermeyeceğiz. Ne Afrika palmiyesinin yağı, ne de muz, kahve, şeker, karides, kavun, madenler, ne de hiçbir malın, giysinin, elbisenin, çorabın çıkmasına izin vereceğiz. Ve bu sadece bir başlangıç, kamyonları durdurmalıyız, ele geçirmeliyiz, gümrükleri, limanları ve havalimanlarını sabote etmeliyiz.

Çünkü satamazlarsa, ihraç edemezlerse, işleri ve kazançları bitecektir. Ve böylece de onların darbeci hükümeti ne işlerine yarayacak? Ve o iş adamları ve kadınları, mevcut hükümete destek verenler ve örtülü ödenek sağlayanlar, suçlu generallerin ve albayların maaşlarını verenler; halkın iktidarı karşında gerilemek zorunda kalacaklar ve Zelaya hükümetinin yeniden kurulmasını, herkes için demokrasiyi ve bizim Ulusal Kurucu Meclisimizi kabul edeceklerdir.

Bu yüzden yoldaşlarım otoyolları, gümrükleri ve limanları mahalleler, kasabalar ve köylerin yanında durarak, ülkeyi durdurmak için işgal ediyoruz.

Guatemala, El Salvador ve Nikaragua’daki kardeş halkları da halkımızla koordine içinde gümrükleri işgal etmeye ve büyük kentlerde protestolar düzenlemeye çağırıyoruz.




Delfina Bermúdez Honduras’da direnişte bir öğretmendir.



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Sulukule’yi tümüyle yok etmemeleri için yarın yani perşembe saat 09:30’da herkesi destek olmaya çağırıyoruz. Aşağıdaki Sulukule Platformu’nuın çağrı metni ve eylemin adresi ile saati yer almaktadır. Duyarlılığı olan herkese çağrımızdır.


Sulukule Platformu Yenileme Kurulunu bilgilendirmeye

Sulukule’yi yerle bir eden Fatih Belediyesi, şimdi
de yoksulların ellerinden alınan mülklerin ve evlerinden edilen mahallelilerin
yıkılan evleri  yerine, yeni yatırımcılar için  inşa edilecek
lüks konutlar için Uygulama Projesi’ni , İstanbul Yenileme Bölge Kurulu’nun
onayına sundu. Sulukule Platformu bu projenin görüşülecği kurul toplantısına
katılarak bir kez daha bilgilendirme ve uyarı görevini yerine
Daha insani 
ve başka bir çözüm hala mümkün: Sulukule için gönüllü uzmanlar tarafından
üretilen ve yerli-yabancı kamuoyunun  büyük desteğini alan alternatif
projenin somut çözüm önerileri, TOKİ yetkilileri, Fatih Belediyesi ve Yenileme
Kurulu tarafından da değerlendirilmelidir.
Sulukule Platformu
olarak; Sulukule sakinlerini yerinden etmeyen, tarihi dokuyu yenileyerek,
kültürü geliştirerek koruyan, Sulukule’yi İstanbul ve dünyaya yeniden
kazandıran çok daha ekonomik ve hakça bir alternatif varken bu çözümün göz ardı
edilmesi karşısında sessiz kalmıyor ve tarihe not düşmek üzere herkesi yapılacak
basın açıklamasına davet ediyoruz.

Tarih: 1 Ekim 2009,
Yer: Istanbul
Yenileme Alanları Koruma Bölge Kurulu
Büyük Postane Cad.
no. 72/5 Sirkeci-

Neonazi-Aufmarsch verboten

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Die Stadt Friedrichshafen am Bodensee hat einen Aufmarsch der rechtsextremen Jungen Nationaldemokraten am Tag der Deutschen Einheit verboten. Oberbürgermeister Andreas Brand befürchtet gewalttätige Auseinandersetzungen. Mitmarschiert wäre auch die Pnos.


Wie eine Sprecherin der Stadt am Mittwoch sagte, rechnet Friedrichshafen allerdings mit einem Einspruch der Rechtsradikalen gegen das Demonstrationsverbot. Die Jungen Nationaldemokraten seien in der Bodenseestadt nicht erwünscht.

PNOS Berner Oberland dabei

Auf einer Webseite der Jugendorganisation der NPD stand am Mittwoch: «Die Demonstration ist derzeit verboten.» Zum dem Aufmarsch rufen ausser Rechten und NPD-Gruppen aus dem deutschen Bodensee- und Hochrheingebiet auch die «Partei Nationalorientierter Schweizer (PNOS) Sektion Berner Oberland» auf.

Friedrichshafen ist bei Rechtsradikalen als Demonstrationsort beliebt: In den letzten Jahren haben mehrere Demos in der Bodenseestadt stattgefunden. Seit Oktober 2005 waren die Rechtsradikalen wegen zahlreicher Demonstrationen in Friedrichshafen immer wieder in die Schlagzeilen geraten.

Kritik an der Stadtregierung

Die letzte grosse Demo fand am 18. August 2007 statt, rund 200 Neonazis marschierten durch die Stadt. Ende 2006 wurde in Friedrichshafen ein so genannter «Stützpunkt» der Jungen Nationaldemokraten, der NPD-Jugendorganisation, gegründet. 2008 hatten Rechtsradikale während der Fussball-EM italienische Fussballfans angegriffen.

Die Stadt Friedrichshafen ist auch öfter dafür kritisiert worden, dass sie die Aufmärsche nicht verboten, unterbunden oder ihre Bürger zu Gegenaktionen aufgerufen hatte. Dieses Mal reklamieren linke Gruppierungen, dass es vom Demo-Antrag bis zum Verbot bereits mehrere Wochen gedauert habe.

20 Minuten


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Lice’nin Şenlik Koyü, Aşağı Hambak Mecrasi’nda hatvan otlatan 13 yaşındaki Kürt kızı Ceylan Önkol (olu cocuklar isimleriyle bakidir, cunku artik onlara verebilecegimiz fazladan bir zarar yoktur) askerlerin açtiği ateşle paramparça edilip öldürüldü.

Tapan Tepe Taburu’ndan ısıya duyarlı havan topuyla çocuğun batın bölgesine açilan ateş, 13 yaşındaki Ceylan’ı parça parça etti.

Son yirmi senedir kolluk kuvvetlerinin (polis-asker-korucu) açtığı ateş sonucu, dogu ve güneydoğu bölgelerinde katledilen çocuk sayısı 356 ya ulaştı. (polis-asker-korucu)

Bir buçuk ay önce de Şırnak’ın Uludere ilçesine bağlı Andaçc köyünde 16 yaşındaki Caziye Ölmez adlı çocuk, kafasına sıkılan kurşunla can vermişti.. Tesadüfe bakin ki 16 yaşındaki Caziye’nin soyismi Sirnak’ın Beytüşşebap ilçesinde katledilen iki DTP’liden Necman Ölmez’le aynıydı. Henüz “meçhul”lüğü (!?) muhafaza edilen Caziye’nin katillerinin meçhullüğünde de agir bir kontrgerilla perdesi iddiasi var. Bu arada belirtelim bu coğrafyanin son döneminin en büyük katliam teşkilatı JİTEM’im ismi atık JÖH (Jandarma Özel Harekat)


Caziye’den dört gün önce de başka bir kürd çoban çocuk Hakan Uluç, Siirt’in Baykan ilçesi Çevrimtepe köyune bağlı Oynaklı mezrasinda katledildi. DTP Siirt Il Baskani Sıdık Taş’in halaoğlu 10 yaşındaki Hakan Uluç, koyunları otlatırken “kimliği belirsiz kişi ya da kişiler”in (!?) kafasına ve karnına sıktığı üç kurşunla can verdi. 10 yaşındaki Hakan’ı katleden “kimligi belirsiz kisi ya da kisiler”in korucu olduguna dair ciddi iddialar var.

Bu sene içinde önce, Çocuk Bayramı’nda (!?) tıÜüesadufen filme çekildiği için bir süre medyada meta degeri kazanan “polisin dipcikledigi cocuk” S.T. ‘nin uğradığı vahsetin vuku bulduğu operasyonda yine 14 yasindaki bir başka çocuk, polisin kovalamasindan kaçarken dereye düştü ve atılan gaz bombalarının da etkisiyle cikamayip orada can vermişti. Ismi Abdulsamet Erip’ti. Abdulsamet’ten iki gün sonra, bu kez Van’ın Kurubaş köyünde polis panzeri, önüne geçip zafer işareti yapan 8 yaşındaki Maziye Aslan’ı ezerek öldürdü.

Kürd çocukları çocuk degil, nişan tahtası mı?

Kolluk öldürüyor. Yargıtay katillerini “bölge koşullarından (!?) beraat ettiriyor.

Bir bolumu en naifinden sivil itaatsizlik eylemi yapmış TMK Mağduru Çocuklar 75 senelere varan cezalar aliyor. Sayilari 3 bini aştı, sozümona açılıma koşut TSK’nin hudut içi ve dahi hudut ötesi operasyonuna parelel sayıları çığ gibi çoğalıyor.

TBMM Ekim’de açılıyor. Bakalım gerekli kanuni düzenlemeyi yapip çocuk mağduriyetini hakikatten en azından kanuni bazda bitirecek mi? Yoksa TMK’nin sadece iki madddesini degistirip hakiki bir çözüm getirmeden göz mü boyayacak?

Herkesin cocuklar için yapabileceği bir şey vardır.

Nerede ne kadar kaldi bilmiyorum ama, yine de Amed’den sevgiler,

Mehmet Atak

İMF-DB Karşıtı Birlik, Galata ve Unkapanı köprülerinde yol kesti

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 09 28th, 2009 

İMF ve Dünya Bankası toplantılarının yapılacağı Kongre Merkezi güzergahında bulunan Unkapanı ve Galata köprüleri, bu toplantılara katılmak üzere gelen heyetlerin havaalanından gelişlerinde, sabah saat 07:00′de zincirlerle kesildi, araçların geçmesi engellendi.

Her iki köprüde aynı anda gerçekleştirilen yol kesme eylemi sırasında köprüye “İMF ve Dünya Bankası DEFOL” yazılı ve “İMF ve Dünya Bankası Karşıtı Birlik” imzalı ortak pankartlar asıldı, yola kuşlamalar atıldı, yol kesme eyleminin neden gerçekleştirildiği ile ilgili konuşmalar yapıldı ve “İMF-Dünya Bankası Defol, Bu Dünya Bizim”, “Emperyalistler, işbirlikçiler, 6. filoyu unutmayın” sloganları atıldı.

5 dakika süren yol kesme eylemi sonrasında, eylemcilerin ayrılmasından ardından köprülere gelen polis DİHA muhabirini gözaltına aldı.

Alinti; Ahali/ist