Ireland, Press Statement: Anarchist Organisation calls for support for November 6th demonstrations but warns that ‘Marching Is Not Enough’

Anarchist Organisation Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM) has called on all workers to
attend the national marches called by Irish Congress of Trade Unions on Friday, 6th
November. —- “WSM members will be marching on Friday with our work colleagues,
neighbours and families,” said Gregor Kerr WSM PRO. “We call on all workers to ‘Get Up,
Stand Up’ and join these marches to show the government that workers are fed up with being
forced to take all the blame and all the pain for the financial crisis.”—- “Workers did
not cause this crisis,” Kerr continued. “The attempts being made by politicians and
commentators to divide and conquer workers by pitting private sector workers against
public sector workers must be resisted. All workers need to unite on Friday and show that
there has to be another way to deal with the crisis – the wealthy must be made to face up
to their responsibilities.”

“1% of the Irish population own 34% of the wealth,” Kerr pointed out. “This small number
of super-wealthy people own assets worth €100billion. So while Brian Lenihan might claim
there is no pot of gold to be had from the wealthy, there clearly is. What is lacking is
the political will to make the rich pay.”

“We all have to take to the streets on Friday to show our strength”, he concluded, “but
it’s also clear that marching will not be enough. To truly show that we mean business and
to begin the process of building a campaign to force the wealthy to pay for the crisis, we
need to begin to organise in our workplaces for a national strike that will shut down
every workplace – public sector and private sector alike.”

Statement Ends

Note to Editor:- Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM) is an Irish anarchist organisation with
branches in Dublin, Cork and Belfast and members in several other places around the
country. WSM members are actively involved in many community and trade union campaigns,
and have been involved at local and workplace level in building support for the 6th
November demos.
For more information about the WSM visit our website

For confirmation and/or further comment, contact Gregor Kerr, WSM PRO

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