US, The Self Described Anarchist Collective – Fuck Seattle Fight NOW

Fuck Seattle Fight NOW – Ten years after Seattle many in in radical movements are looking
to that day as an example of how we should organize, and this approach has led us down a
route of tactical repetition. In the days since Pittsburgh it has become clear to many of
us that not only have we begun to see another way of fighting, we have begun to construct
a whole other way of approaching action, an appraoch based in fluidity, affinity, and the
ability to shift with circumstances. Gone are the days of the large scale mass protest
with tactics planned down to the last detail, plans that can never adapt to any change in
circumstance. Seattle was 10 years ago and even though it is an action that inspired many
of us to get involved the conditions have changed.

From the expansion of the police state to the construction of our spaces around the
concept of “security” the state has become that much more pervasive. In the midst of this
we have begun to find new ways of organizing, fighting, and moving that are more adapted
to this shifting terrain. The static tactics of the past no longer are effective against
an ever shifting state apparatus which has spent the last 10 years figuring out how to
defeat these tactics. It is time to stop looking into the past and start seeing ourselves
as the harbingers of the future.

SDAC Shuts Down Nazi Conference – Tell All Your Friends

Yo, so it’s happening: American Renaissance is trying to have their racist, white
supremacist conference right here in our own backyard (VA, what up), February 19 – 21– but
not without hitches. The Self Described Anarchist Collective, concurrently though not
coordinated with the R.E.A.L. organization, launched an oral sneak attack on the
mothafuckas, calling the Washington Dulles Airport Marriott to demand they un-host the
racists. Proving that there’s power in the phone lines, the hotel reversed their decision
on hosting them and gave them the boot! Power to the People. Next stop: the next skeezy
hotel that tries to host these bastards. Try it if you dare.



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