COOP-made-in-USA book

A Nonfiction project in Washington D.C., DC by Enrico Massetti

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About this project

In the Unites States of America, socialism and communism are considered by many to be bad, taboo words, but cooperation exists, and “worker-owned cooperatives” existed and prospered for many years to this day, thanks also to the spirit of entrepreneurship that is widespread and to the practice of democracy, practice that is thought at school, starting from the elementary grade.

Cooperatives are part of the self-help tradition of America. Cooperatives are businesses organized by people to provide needed goods and services. Cooperative businesses:• Are owned by the people who use their services;
• Provide an economic benefit for their members;
• Are democratic organizations, controlled by their members;
• Are autonomous and independent;
• Recognize the importance of education about cooperative business and organizational practices;
• Support cooperation among cooperatives, which has resulted in the growing importance of cooperatives in today’s global economy; and,
• Exhibit concern for their communities.

This book is an introduction to the worker-owned cooperatives in the United States, a reality that is not very well known, but prospered for more than 30 years.
The book presents several examples of worker-owned co-ops, with different governance methods and active in different fields, from retail to high-tech, with even nude dancing…
The goal of this project is to print 3,000 copies of the book and to distribute them to university libraries and bookstores in North America.

The book is at least 56 pages long, printed on recycled paper with color cover, 8.5 x 11 in.

You can see the Italian edition of the book at



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