EYFA youth gathering at Anti-Nuclear Camp, Poland

EYFA Youth Gathering at Anti-Nuclear Camp
Against Nuclear Energy – For Energy Democracy
Lubiatowo, Poland
July 23 – 29

Call-out for Participants
Application Deadline: June 1, 2012

This summer EYFA will be organising an international youth gathering
aspart of a wider Anti-Nuclear Camp in Poland. The camp will take place
from July 23-29, 2012 in the village of Lubiatowo on the Polish Baltic

Participants in the EYFA gathering will take part in general camp
activities, workshops, and public events, as well as being part of a
smaller international youth gathering with trainings on topics like
campaigning and media-work and info-sessions on nuclear power and general
energy issues. All participants will be expected to take part in the
day-to-day running and decision-making of the camp.

More information about the camp can be found here:

Please keep in mind that everyone is welcome to the camp. You do not need
to apply to the address below unless you would like to take part in the
EYFA youth gathering at the camp.

Practical Information

The main working languages of the camp will be Polish and English, with
other languages possible if needed.

Workshops and presentations can also take place in other languages, with
translation provided, if organisers are told in advance.

If you are interested in attending please let us know your English level
and if you would need any translation.

Travel reimbursement is only available for those who are able to stay for
the full duration of the camp, arriving no later than July 23rd and
leaving no earlier than July 29th.

EYFA can reimburse 70% of travel (by train and/or bus – no planes!), food
and camping costs.

A few 100% funded places will also be available, but please keep in mind
that the places are limited and will only be offered to those most in

EYFA will provide visa support for those who need it. Just let us know.

As stated above this is a camp.  Therefore you will need to bring your own
tent, sleeping bag and mat.

All meals at the camp will be vegan.

EYFA is looking for activists from all over Europe with a focus on young
people from Central and Eastern Europe to take part in the camp.

Participants must stay for the entire duration of the project.

If you are interested in participating in the camp as part of the EYFA
Youth Gathering please send us an application with answers to the
questions below to anti-nuclear @ eyfa . org:

1. How did you hear about the camp?

2. Can you stay for the full six days of the camp, July 23 – 29 (travel
days not included)?

3. How old are you?

4. What city/country will you travel from? Will you need visa support?

5. Are you able to attend the camp with only 70% travel costs covered?

6. What languages do you speak?

7. Would you like to give a workshop/info-session during the camp? What

8. Please write a bit about the issues you are involved and/or interested
in, in your local community. Have you attended a camp before? Are you
involved in anti-nuclear or other types of energy/environmental struggles?


DON’T FORGET — Application Deadline: FRIDAY June 1, 2012

This project is made possible with support from European Youth Foundation.

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