An Open Letter From Anarchist Prisoners in Turkey to the Public

As known, there had been attack to some banks and companies which are
around the Mecidiyeköy-Şişli by some anarchists who are within the
Anarchist block on 1st of May 2012. We, as 9 of the 60 people who had been
taken to the custody with the blames of the Police Department. We, as 9
anarchist prisoners whom were arrested by the decision of the 9th Criminal
Court and had been put in to the Metris – Type T prison writing this

Most of us got under custody by the Counter-Terror Squads on 14th of may,
5 a.m. in the morning, and some on the following day. Our computers,
telephones, flash drives, books and many other personal stuffs’ got
seized by the the police which were around 10-20 who came to our home.
The claim that have been by the police department to us was the “damaging
public property in the name of terror organization”. While, The
individuals which have the pretty much different points of the anarchist
ideas and also who have seen the first time each other while under
surveillance were blaming for creating  terrorist organisation, and some
of them was press forced to
make them agree on being the leader of the terrorist organisation by the
police during the interrogating. Even though the leadership is totally
contradictory to the anarchist idea and thus is impossible that was the
the claim by the police which is tragic-comic imprudence, and also with
that claim which is “being member of the same terror organisation” makes
things more comic. The people which are claimed by the police of
being a member of the terrorist organisation had no arms or amuniton in
their home. However, the books which can be find on the every bookstore
-for example books of the writers like Kropotkin- had been claimed as an
organisational documention on the interrogation by the police. The
articles which they had read  and the videos that they shared on social
media were claimed as evidences to the court by the police.

The membership of the people to a legal association which is working on
animal liberation, human rights and ecology issues also claimed as an
evidence by  the police. All the pyschological pressures used over the
people who were under custody for 4 days and were not allowed to see their
family members, also were not allowed to call anyone -even their lawyers-.
On of our LGBT friend had been attacked by “hate speeches”. All the people
forced to agree the existence of the terrorist organisation and also
forced to give the fake speeches about the other people. However two
people who had been scared by the threats of 15-20 years of prison
sentence beacuse of the membership on the terrorist organisation declared
misstatements about the people that they never know anything about. By the
pressure of the police, they have blamed some people which the
police had no evidence over telephone, internet or any other communication
with each other, as leader of the organisation, and “identified” them as
attackers. Most of our friends got arrested just because of they have the
close model and coloured bag, shoes, belt etc. with the people who are
video taped on the attack. Of course it is not proved that an anarchist
terror organisation exists with that lacking and irrational evidences.
Because of that we got blamed by damage to the public property. We want to
clear out that, we, as anarchists who reject all the laws and authories
and see all the states as murderers, we don’t care that if the state tells
us we are terrorists or not. We don’t care that the state’s mass killing
of tens of people in “Roboski”, killing 11 year old Uğur Kaymaz with 13
bullets and giving no punishment for that ones, than judging us. The state
that had killed 34 people in 1977, did not even take any people to the
custody. But had no problem for taking 60 people to the custody and
arresting 9 of them for just 3-5 broken bank windows. Two of the arrested
friends couldn’t enter the final exams on their university, there’s a
possibility of that there can be an investigation by their universities
and they can get a punishment of suspension or dismission. One of our
friends is preparing for the general exam for the entrance of the
university, it’s pretty clear that it’s not possible to study enough on
the prison. One of friend who is studying M.A/M.S on university would not
continue on the thesis of very own. We got news that 3 friend got sacked
after they got arrested. Since we’re taken to the custody we’ve experienced
the legal system which the states always tells what great it is,
actually is no more than a pressure and normalizing tool and notions like
justice, right is just on the theory. We want to be out now. But let us
explain that neither we ask to anyone nor we beg to anyone. We know that
we’re in prison just because of our policial ideas. Because of that, we are
not regretfull for the anything we did or we did not. The reason is for
writing that letter is just telling truths to the public to know and to help
them to learn what is going on.

We know the purpose of the ones who arrested us, is not just fearing us
for joining an action, they also like to turn us into the ones who are
scared of to resist for their very own rights. But the thing that they do
not know is that the prisons of their disgusting civilization will
not be able to suppress our ideas and we feel stronger than ever before.

We see all the anarhcists in the world as our fellows and sending our
greetings, loves and solidarity call to all the insurrectionarist of the
world who has freedom fire on their hearts and who are from Athens,  Amed,
Chiapas, Gazze, Toronto or Seattle… Let you know that you are not alone
and there are people in that lands who is struggling too. We thank every one
of them, for the solidarity and for the actions that  support us. It’s not
possible to define our feelings to describe the local anarchists who are
supporting and made actions for us, as the rest of the world  -these pages
are very limited for our thank to them. We hug them all with our very
dearly greetings. Let them know that we know that they are with us, and we
are never feeling alone, even a moment. With wishes of us for many long
days with insurrection and solidarity.

Anarchist Prisoners:

Beyhan Çağrı Tuzcuoğlu
Burak Ercan
Emirhan Yavuz
Murat Gümüşkaya
Oğuz Topal
Sinan Gümüş
Ünal Can Tüzüner
Yenal Yağcı

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