May Day Resistance in İstanbul

May Day Resistance in İstanbul

Last three year, turkish state gave permission to the workers union to
“celebrate” May Day in Taksim where is one of the symbol square for
revolutionary people because of its place in Bloody May Day history in
1977. Turkish state forbid Taksim Square for May Day this year same as
three years before. During this “legal” May Day years, state tried to make
people forget the real meaning of May Day. We know that May Day is the
rebel day of the oppressed ones, workers and revolutionary people. It is
the day we raise the anger against state and capitalists. This year state
changed its strategy for May Day. The governor of İstanbul ban all
transportation in the city, set up control points for the ones who wants to
protest the situation.

The executers of the state and capitalists are thinking that they can
effort to forbid our liberty. We were on streets, not just for the
restricted Taksim Square and illegallized May Day. We were on streets
against the powers who are stealing our lives, against the bosses who
impose us slavery, against the state which is unjustness itsself. We were
on streets with our pancard “To Revolution with Anarchist Action” as same
as the past May Day’s.

The governor of İstanbul, secratary of the state and prime minister
declared the prohibition for May Day with a defend of “urban
gentrification” of Taksim Square. The busses, metros, metrobus and ferries
were canceled. Although these cancellation, thousands were in Şişli in
front of DİSK(Biggest Wokers Unions)  Central Office building for preparing
to walk to Taksim.

With the slogans  in Turkish and Kurdish “We are in May Day Square on May
Day”, “Viva May Day” action was started.  Police attack the unions,
organizations, political parties and people who tried to go Taksim. Many
people have been injured by poliçe who used gas bombs, compressed water and
plastic bullets. After poliçe attack, everybody gathered in front of DİSK
building again.

Police prevent the ambulances to reach DİSK building. Police blockaded the
building and attack with the gas bombs inside the building. Police terror
was not just in Şişli in DİSK building. Police attack people brutally in
Beşiktaş, Mecidiyeköy and in other parts of İstanbul.

Tens of people have been injured during the day because of police terror.
Two of these injuries are dangerous. 72 people have been taken into custody.

Anarchists were on streest also in the other cities of Turkey for May Day.

In spite of state’s terror, the fire that our comrades  lighted in 1886
will expand in streets in every May Day. The anger of the oppressed ones
will live against gas bombs, plastic bullets, custodies and arrests and all

DAF-Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet (Revolutionary Anarchist Action)

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