Massive Riot Against State Terrorism in Turkey

*Massive Riot Against State Terrorism in Turkey*

This is an informative mail about current situation in Istanbul, Turkey.
After two days of protest about the urban gentrification of Gezi
Park(biggest park in Taksim where green areas continually being
people got fed up with police brutality and violence.

Especially silence of the media, increasing attacks of government and
freedom of individuals, imperial aims of the state trying to take advantage
of the Syria have expended the recent conflict in riots.

The clashes continued all day and night yesterday. At least seven civilians
were murdered by the police attacks, hundreds were injured, hundreds are in
custody where they are beaten up and some tortured.

All temples of capitalism had to close down in Taksim. There is a great
deal of solidarity on the streets, many small shops and homes,
universities; all pharmacies opened their doors to protesters. Turkish
Chamber of Architects and Engineers Office is turned into a hospital with
volunteer doctors and nurses. And they are treating wounded protesters.

In many places in Istanbul, police stations has been attacked. Fascist
groups were beaten up by anarchists. People from the Asian side who wanted
to join the riot were blocked by the police, but they walked on the highway
after midnight, crossing the Bosphorus Bridge on foot and made it. The
Prime Minister blamed the social web informing the murders, and ironically
called the people who are sharing news as fascists.

The protest has spread all over Turkey. People are on streets in Ankara,
Izmir, Eskisehir, Sakarya, Isparta and many others.

These protests are not only for the Gezi Park as state-suppressed
mainstream media claims. The riot is now the revolt of the hundreds of
thousands of people protesting against state oppression and violence. We as
revolutionary anarchists have been and we are going to be on the streets,
against the police violence state terrorism.

We are expecting solidarity action from all anarchists and
anti-authoritarians all around the world.

Everywhere is Istanbul and everywhere is resistance against state
terrorism, police violence and capitalist exploitation.

We will continue to report as riot continues.

Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF)



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