*Taksim Revolution/4 June*


We have seen the beach beneath the stonesi we have carried the black flag
of the revolt!

On İstiklal Street, around French Consolate, 200 meters far from
police, holding the stones of the beach in one hand and the flag of the
revolt in the other you are clshing with the police. A piece of cloth wet
with talcid is your gas mask, police is spraying pressured water, throwing
gas bombs one and after, you are left in the middle of gas retreating
throwing stones you are out of breath smothered, breatheless at that moment
somebody run near you, spray water with antiacid on your face, asking “how
are you, are you okay?” You are not okay but immediately you get well. You
take a stone of the beach in one hand, taking the flag of the revolt in the
other. You lean against the barricade with your half breath. Your breath is
refreshing with the freedom of rebellion. Because everywhere there is
solidarity, this revolt is adorned with solidarity, you fall but you are
picked up, they are asking when you are hitching, you boo at the same time
when the sound bomb exploded, you hold your breath together when gas bomb
comes. When the blocade fades out you sing together and shout out your
rebellion. Never ending pressure water, gas and resistance. You got tired
sit on a pavement to take a breathe one coming with water in her hand and
gives you water another one brings a sandwich. You are not either thirsty
or hungry because everywhere the people share, there is no “mine” or “ours”
here. Everyone is together. There is no slackness, if you were to fall the
one next you would not. There is no crestfallenness, if you were to fall
your comrade would not. You are getting rid of the fear which the system
has created through the years and courage is to do what you are scared of.
And you experience this. You are leaning against the police and you move
forward as you lean. The police is doing everything they can to stop you.
Even though you slow down sometimes the sound of the other clashes are
whispering in your ear: “we are moving forward”. You are getting excited
and you lean again and again. On the final strike you see that the police
is retreating, no you see they escape maybe you are living what you have
been expecting for a long time. You meet with others on Taksim Square, you
are glad to see your loved ones. After hugging each other for a while you
start building barricades. Without losing time. The ones with you start to
croon a song from 1930’s, the song of spainsh Anarchists. You join in. “For
bread, justice, freedom everyone to the barricades…” As the song gets
louder the barricades are build; with upside down police cars, police
buses, barriers of a “looted construction” Let them come, let them come and
see the communion and solidarity is increasing. Everyone wants to move away
from selfishness from competition. The tables ar opened the tents are
erected. A people’s square is being created. There are a few insincere ones
but you dont care. Because every moment from everywhere, from Ankara, from
İzmir, Antalya, Dersim rebellion. From Athens, Thessaloniki, Paris,
Sofia… The news of solidarity are coming. Solidarity is growing, one’s
who share are increasing. The revolt is spreading because we are winning.

Now, a revollt is telling us about herself a revolt is telling us
what we had forgotten. Telling us the importance of communion solidarity
organisation and most important of all, freedom. Now the never ending
cinder in our hands is glowing with a revolt. Now inside the rebellion we
are looking into our shimmering eyes in other words to each other. We are
holding each others hands which carry the stones of the beach, hold  the
flag of revolt, which were burned by the gas bombs. We are hugging each
others bodies which are carrying our hearts full of revolution. And
although we don’t say it aloud, we say thank you to each other with the
happiness of sharing this moment. This is a temporary thank you without
being content. Without being content we are waiting for tomorrow side by
side from today.

Devrimci Anarsist Faliyet


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