Not just for something; for everything.
From Haymarket to Taksim, long live the conquest of bread!
For the state and all its other forms, the night is a crime; it is the intended threat and it is a partner in crime. The other day a mineworker was buried alive, today a woman gets killed by her husband who has learned to do so from the state, and the day after a sex worker will be found dead in a side street. An infant will be sent to the bedroom of a phedophile by force right after playing in the streets, teenagers will be drugged in another street, and the wind of a disaster will gave birth to mutated babies through the grains. People forced to migrate to cities won’t be able to find homes in the urban-transformed streets of civilization, feel trapped between the skyscrapers and the scraped sky of the most polluted cities in the world, join in the nights of the cities; and the state that is no better at anything than fabricate a crime and find a criminal will confront us will the new legislation.
The state, the main representative of every kind of domination on the nature, labour, and women, is assaulting the lands of Anatolia through power stations and constructions; the Middle East and Kurdistan through wars and massacres; the women through abortion laws and “keen words and jests”. The sinking refugee ships in the Mediterranean Sea, murders of refugees in Kumkapı: Now, to live is a matter of chance.
Cameras and the flow of fascist propaganda of the state is restricting our livings as the state wants nobody outside the little playgrounds it created. Although the outsiders will be labeled as “violents and terrorists” and the impulsive bullet of the police will try to prevent the danger, the streets will meet more rebels every day.
We, the anarchists, are fighting with fascism and capitalism now and at all times. We are flaring up the fire that has been started in Haymarket by the anarchists in 1886 and now is in the forbidden zone of the state, Taksim; with our barricades and slings, we are coming to knock the night over you.
In solidarity with Greece, Chile, Rojava, with all the comrades refusing to be oppressed, with all the partners in crime!
With the scream of Özgecan,
In response to the price that Nevin has paid!
With a rock a child throws, from Haymarket to Taksim, in all barricades!
Rebel! Revolt! Anarchy!
İstanbul Anarchy Initiative

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