Young women defending Silvan: We will resist until freedom


Youths leading the resistance in three neighborhoods under intense attack by Turkish security forces in Silvan, vowed that their resistance will continue until freedom on the basis of the goal to create free areas against atrocity.

Young women Ekin Fırat and Rodi Amed, who are among those leading the popular resistance in Silvan’s Mescit neighborhood, spoke to ANF regarding their struggle and purpose.


Ekin Fırat: I joined this resistance as a woman standing against the chains of slavery generated by the system on the people. The state is attacking and killing our people here with its tanks, artillery weapons. We are here to serve as a self-defense force but our civilian people are also resisting here alongside us.

The history has never written about the atrocity suffered by the Kurdish people in the hands of the Turkish state. Our goal is not to dig trenches alone, but rather to show that we could triumph over the state’s techniques by means of trenches which form a defense against the attacks targeting our people. These are areas where we protect our people from the state’s atrocity. These are areas where we produce solutions to problems not settled by the state.


The atrocity committed here doesn’t target only Silvan people, it is also aimed at all the women around the world. We therefore call upon all women to support and embrace this resistance.

We want it to be known very well that our goal is not to split the country. We want a together and free living of Turkish and Kurdish peoples on these lands, and a together waging of the two flags.


Rodi Amed: I am from this folk, a civilian and not affiliated to an organisation. I am just a resident of this neighborhood that demands an end to the state atrocity against the people. We and our people want to rule ourselves and lead a life on a free and democratic basis.


One other thing we demand is liberation of our Leader (Abdullah Öcalan). We will not give up the fight nor fill the trenches until he is liberated and comes back near us.


Reports are coming through that Turkish helicopters have conducted an air strike on Tekel, Konak and Mescit neighborhoods of Amed’s Silvan district.

While the bomb attack has reportedly left casualties, no proper information can be received from the neighborhoods as all the means of communication have been restricted amid a heavy siege by police and military forces.

In the meantime, special operation police keep making announcements from armored vehicles and mosques, saying; “Evacuate the neighborhoods, otherwise we will shoot you all”.

Silvan Deputy Mayor Zuhal Tekiner said the helicopter activity continues and they cannot receive any information from Azizoğlu Square in Mescit neighborhood where an intensified aerial attack has targeted civilians.



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