Two civilians killed by police in Amed

IMG-20151214-WA0003IMG-20151214-WA0006IMG-20151214-WA0007IMG-20151214-WA0008AMED – ANF

Three people got wounded as a result of the ongoing crackdown by police forces on demonstrators marching to the central Sur district of Amed. While two of the civilians have died, they have been identified as Şiar Salman and Şerdil Cengiz. One other wounded has been taken to private Bağlar Hospital and remains in critical condition.

Protests and resistance have spread across the main Kurdish city Amed in the wake of the police crackdown on demonstrators marching to Sur in protest at state repression earlier today.

As crackdown by state forces and resistance by the people continues on Gevran Street of Ofis area, youths have built up barricades and lit fires on streets in response to the attacks by police forces. Demonstrators in Koşuyolu and Yenişehir are being attacked with gunfire and shots are heard from Koşuyolu area. CWLUWe5WoAACECtIMG-20151214-WA0016IMG-20151214-WA0018

As the onslaught by Turkish forces gets heavier in Amed’s central Sur district, special operation teams have intensified their artillery attacks.

Bombs fired by police have hit three houses which remain on fire amid ongoing heavy attacks on the fourth day of the sixth curfew in the district.

Footage by ANF shows the dimension of the state aggression in Kurdish areas.


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