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Another youth killed by state forces in Sur

Intensified attacks by Turkish forces continue in Amed’s central Sur district for the 22nd day.

While the district remained under fire throughout the day, a youth by the name of Mesut Seviktek was killed by police in Hasırlı neighborhood late this evening.

Reports say that police are not allowing Sevitek family to take the youth’s body from the scene.


Civilian shot by police in Cizre dies

Civilian Lütfü Aksoy who was shot by police in Cizre four days ago, has died.

Aksoy got heavily wounded as a result of gunfire by special operation police in Şırnak’s Cizre district on 19 December. The man who has been held in intensive care unit of Şırnak State Hospital since, has lost his life today.

Aksoy’s body is being held in the hospital morgue.

As the state of siege has entered its tenth day in Şırnak’s Cizre district, state forces with thousands of soldiers and police continue attacking the areas of self-rule. Unable to enter the neighborhoods where people resist and take no step back, state forces continue murdering civilians by shooting people from armored vehicles patrolling on streets.

While Dikran Sayaca, father of 5, lost his life as a result of gunfire by special operation police in Sur neighborhood, Azime Aşan (50) died after her house in Nur neighborhood was hit by a cannon shell today.

People managed to take the bodies of two civilians to Cizre State Hospital’s morgue only by waving a white flag as they carried them to an ambulance outside the curfew area.


15-year-old killed by police in Tarsus

55-year-old Adile Karaduman was also shot dead by special operation police at the door of her house in Cudi neighborhood. The woman’s body reportedly remains on the street due to ongoing fire and denial of an ambulance access to the scene.

Ongoing attacks by Turkish security forces against civilians claim more lives every day.

In Tarsus district of Mersin, police forces have fired on people in Fahrettinpaşa neighborhood where residents resist attacks by police for the last three days.

Two civilians killed, six others wounded in Amed

The random fire by police left 15-year-old Davut Özer wounded in the stomach. The minor whom residents rushed to Medical Park Hospital lost his life despite all the medical efforts.

Clashes erupted between people and police in Fahrettinpaşa, Barbaros, Gazipaşa and Şahin neighborhoods after the murder of Özer.

Clashes are going on across Amed city in the wake of the police crackdown on masses marching to Sur to break the siege there.

An 13-year-old youth by the name of Şiyar Baran lost his life as a result of police attack in Seyrantepe area. The boy has been taken to Dicle University Hospital’s morgue.

While Recep Çanak (26) has been seriously wounded and rushed to Bağlar Private Hospital for treatment, 17-year-old M.V.K. was also injured by an explosive during clashes. Another youth got wounded in Yenişehir district after a tear gas canister fired by police hit him on the head. Both have been hospitalized.

Attacks by police forces and resistance by people continues at many locations across the city.

On the other hand, reports of further casualties are coming through from the central Sur district which remains under siege and fire for 21 days.

Increasingly ongoing attacks by state forces on Hasırlı neighborhood have left one civilian dead and three others were wounded Tuesday afternoon.

One civilian has been killed by a bullet and three others were wounded by artillery strikes targeting the neighborhood. Body of the slain civilian remains at the scene and cannot be retrieved due to ongoing fire.

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