No to war, No to dictators and States, No to corporations, No to religions, No to nationalism!

No to war,  No to dictators and States,  No to corporations, No to
religions, No to nationalism!

Dear Anarchist Comrades wherever you are,

We, anarchists stress that we are against war, against military attacks
and militias.  We are strongly against killing civilians and launching
attacks against villages, towns and cities killing innocent people
discriminating and destroying their places.

We believe neither any states nor any groups have the right to attack
anybody else on the grounds of religion, nationality, land disputes and
others.  We believe whatever the justification is for attacking and
launching wars are simply against freedom and humanity.

Our attitude and position against the current war that the State of
Turkey has launched on Afrin, the rest of Rojava and its citizens is not
because we are Kurdish or Kurdish-speaking.  We are against all wars as
a matter of principle in all corners of the world.

We stand up firm by our anarchism principles against whoever launches
this kind of war.  We have the same attitude and same position even if
Kurds launch war to invade the freedom, cultures and society of any
ethnics or groups. Our stand against the State of Turkey in launching
the war against Rojava is from this position no more and no less. We are
against war, against the State, against any kind of superiority, class
division and against the capitalist system.

In view of the above we reject any kind of war whether launched by the
State of Turkey against Rojava or another State against some nation or
group elsewhere in the world.
We believe that we should be against war and denounce it, we should
campaign in any way against glorifying war and war mango. It is our sole
duty to encourage and persuade people to stand up against war. It is our
duty to make people more aware that war only brings more profit and
interest for the corporations especially the military fields.  In the
meantime it brings us more poverty, more misery, more displacement,
losing our beloved ones, soaring prices, homelessness, unemployment,
destroying our places & our climate as well as dividing us all.

We also denounce all TV channels and the social media in the region that
since the aggressive attacks have started, they have tried to deny the
rights of people in Afrin and Rojava and do not recognise their
legitimate defence. They are deceiving people and trying to mobilise
them in support of the State of Turkey under different reasons and
bringing them falls justification.

No to State and nationalism
No to Authority
No to Religion’s power
No to Parliamentary System
No to Militia’s power
No to Political Party and Capitalism
Yes to self-organising, to self-ruling

Kurdish-speaking anarchist forum (KAF)


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