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Kurdistan New

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Another youth killed by state forces in Sur

Intensified attacks by Turkish forces continue in Amed’s central Sur district for the 22nd day.

While the district remained under fire throughout the day, a youth by the name of Mesut Seviktek was killed by police in Hasırlı neighborhood late this evening.

Reports say that police are not allowing Sevitek family to take the youth’s body from the scene.


Civilian shot by police in Cizre dies

Civilian Lütfü Aksoy who was shot by police in Cizre four days ago, has died.

Aksoy got heavily wounded as a result of gunfire by special operation police in Şırnak’s Cizre district on 19 December. The man who has been held in intensive care unit of Şırnak State Hospital since, has lost his life today.

Aksoy’s body is being held in the hospital morgue.

As the state of siege has entered its tenth day in Şırnak’s Cizre district, state forces with thousands of soldiers and police continue attacking the areas of self-rule. Unable to enter the neighborhoods where people resist and take no step back, state forces continue murdering civilians by shooting people from armored vehicles patrolling on streets.

While Dikran Sayaca, father of 5, lost his life as a result of gunfire by special operation police in Sur neighborhood, Azime Aşan (50) died after her house in Nur neighborhood was hit by a cannon shell today.

People managed to take the bodies of two civilians to Cizre State Hospital’s morgue only by waving a white flag as they carried them to an ambulance outside the curfew area.


15-year-old killed by police in Tarsus

55-year-old Adile Karaduman was also shot dead by special operation police at the door of her house in Cudi neighborhood. The woman’s body reportedly remains on the street due to ongoing fire and denial of an ambulance access to the scene.

Ongoing attacks by Turkish security forces against civilians claim more lives every day.

In Tarsus district of Mersin, police forces have fired on people in Fahrettinpaşa neighborhood where residents resist attacks by police for the last three days.

Two civilians killed, six others wounded in Amed

The random fire by police left 15-year-old Davut Özer wounded in the stomach. The minor whom residents rushed to Medical Park Hospital lost his life despite all the medical efforts.

Clashes erupted between people and police in Fahrettinpaşa, Barbaros, Gazipaşa and Şahin neighborhoods after the murder of Özer.

Clashes are going on across Amed city in the wake of the police crackdown on masses marching to Sur to break the siege there.

An 13-year-old youth by the name of Şiyar Baran lost his life as a result of police attack in Seyrantepe area. The boy has been taken to Dicle University Hospital’s morgue.

While Recep Çanak (26) has been seriously wounded and rushed to Bağlar Private Hospital for treatment, 17-year-old M.V.K. was also injured by an explosive during clashes. Another youth got wounded in Yenişehir district after a tear gas canister fired by police hit him on the head. Both have been hospitalized.

Attacks by police forces and resistance by people continues at many locations across the city.

On the other hand, reports of further casualties are coming through from the central Sur district which remains under siege and fire for 21 days.

Increasingly ongoing attacks by state forces on Hasırlı neighborhood have left one civilian dead and three others were wounded Tuesday afternoon.

One civilian has been killed by a bullet and three others were wounded by artillery strikes targeting the neighborhood. Body of the slain civilian remains at the scene and cannot be retrieved due to ongoing fire.

Two civilians killed by police in Amed

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IMG-20151214-WA0003IMG-20151214-WA0006IMG-20151214-WA0007IMG-20151214-WA0008AMED – ANF

Three people got wounded as a result of the ongoing crackdown by police forces on demonstrators marching to the central Sur district of Amed. While two of the civilians have died, they have been identified as Şiar Salman and Şerdil Cengiz. One other wounded has been taken to private Bağlar Hospital and remains in critical condition.

Protests and resistance have spread across the main Kurdish city Amed in the wake of the police crackdown on demonstrators marching to Sur in protest at state repression earlier today.

As crackdown by state forces and resistance by the people continues on Gevran Street of Ofis area, youths have built up barricades and lit fires on streets in response to the attacks by police forces. Demonstrators in Koşuyolu and Yenişehir are being attacked with gunfire and shots are heard from Koşuyolu area. CWLUWe5WoAACECtIMG-20151214-WA0016IMG-20151214-WA0018

As the onslaught by Turkish forces gets heavier in Amed’s central Sur district, special operation teams have intensified their artillery attacks.

Bombs fired by police have hit three houses which remain on fire amid ongoing heavy attacks on the fourth day of the sixth curfew in the district.

Footage by ANF shows the dimension of the state aggression in Kurdish areas.

IHD: 617 children died in Turkey in 11 months

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3,861 children suffered a violation of their rights and 617 others died during the 11 months of 2015. Among these, 57 lost their lives as a direct result of state violence. More than 6 thousand children are currently jailed in Turkish prisons.


Human Rights Association (IHD) has released a report on occasion of 20 November Universal Children’s Day.

Speaking at the conference where the report was made public, IHD General President Öztürk Türkdoğan stated that 3,861 children suffered a violation of their rights and 617 others died during the 11 months of 2015. Among these, 57 lost their lives as a direct result of state violence. On the other hand, over 6 thousand children are currently jailed in Turkish prisons.

Türkdoğan underlined that children suffer violence in all spheres of life, and mainly a violation of their right to life in the first place. He remarked that international conventions on children’s rights aren’t practiced in the Turkey, including the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.




According to the IHD report, the period between 1 January and 20 November of 2015 witnessed 3,681 violations of children’s rights in Turkey. 617 children lost their lives during the same period.

While 2 children died in prison, 14 child workers were verified to have lost their lives in work-related deaths.




In the meantime, 51 children have lost their lives in the “armed conflict atmosphere” caused by the violence cycle created by the AKP government after 7 June.

As the refugee crisis resulted by the Middle East war claims more lives every day, a total of 105 refugee children lost their lives under heavy circumstances.

According to the report, hundreds of children died as a result of an accident and negligence during the first 11 months of 2015, which on the other hand witnessed an injury of 1,750 children due to same reasons. Besides, 74 children got wounded as a consequence of intervention on social events as police violence gets heavier across the country.Katledilen_Çocuklar


During the same period, 388 children were detained and among these, 69 were remanded in custody. In the meantime, 872 children in Amed were blacklisted by the Ministry of National Education.


IHD report also revealed that 172 children were subject to torture and ill-treatment during this year, and these include 38 under custody, 27 in prison, 4 in childcare institutions and 50 in family house and social sphere.


According to the report, out of 51 children who lost their lives in the armed conflict atmosphere, 43 died in the areas of clashes and curfews imposed by the AKP government. While separate explosions of military ammunition left 5 children dead, 3 others lost their lives in different cases, which include denial of an ambulance access, disobedience to stop warning and an armed attack against a passenger minibus.

The report underlined that the war concept initiated by the AKP government as of July 2015 has startlingly increased the figures of children’s deaths and right violations.

The report also put emphasis on the right violations suffered by children in the areas where an unlawful curfew has been put into practice in the Kurdish region.



The report also highlighted that 6,132 children aged between 12 and 17 are currently jailed in Turkish prisons. While 97,3 of these is made up by male children, 600 children are imprisoned alongside their mothers.

68,6 percent of the children aged under 18 were once again subject to arrest and penalty one year after their release.


Anarşi İnisiyatifi: Suruç Katliamı için uluslararası çağrı! / International call to action for Suruç Massacre

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yuEylemimiz de öfkemiz kadar karadır. Devletin belinde bir silah olarak taşıdığı DAİŞ’in namlusu Suruç’da 32 kişiyi katletti. Katliamı yapanların ismi ve cismi yine devlet tarafından açıklanmıştır. Kobane’yi yeniden inşaa etmeye giden ve dayanışma fikrini yükselten insanları katledenlerin kimliği önemsizdir. Muktedirlerin, hesap defterlerinde yazıp çizdikleri hesap, yükselen Kobane direnişine batıdan gelen desteği parçalamaya yöneliktir. Siper yoldaşlığı ve dayanışmanın simgesi olan Kobane’ye giden devrimcilerin, varlığına duyulan korkudur o bombayı patlatan. Korkakların en büyük arzusu korkunun çoğalmasıdır. Katledilenlerden her birinin anısı korkakların yanacağı barikattır.

SGDF’nin yaptığı çağrıya katılan Alper Sapan, Evrim Deniz Erol ve Medali Barutçu Kobane’ye, iktidarın ve çetelerin günlerce süren savaş ve her türlü kirli taktik ile yokettiği şehri yeniden yaratmaya Suruç’a gittiler. Üç anarşistin de en iyi bildiği, dayanışmanın saldırı olduğuydu. Kanlı savaşın ortasına giden anarşistler ve sosyalistlerin farklı yaşam tahayyüllerine ve tarihe rağmen dostça ve yoldaşça birbirlerine sarılmaları, muktedirlerin ancak bombalarla parçalamaya çalışacağı türden bir dayanışmadır.

Savaş devam ediyor. Devrimciler de ölürler. Devletin katlettiği herkes ölür. Bombalarla, kıyımlarla, yangınlarla doğayı ve insanlığı öldürüyor. Ama savaş devam ediyor. Orta yolumuz yok, biz varsak onlar, onlar varsa biz olmayacagiz. Bayrakları yükseltin, kininizi büyütün, öfkelerinizi kuşanın. Yoldaşlarımızı hatırlamanın, onları anmanın en iyi yolu sokaklardan, barikatlardan, barutun geniz yakan kokusundan, alevlerin baş döndüren kızıllığından geçer. Gecenin karası kadar kara yüreklerimizle geliyoruz. Alper’in, Evrim’in, Medali’nin ve Suruç’ta katledilenlerin anısını avazımız yapmaya, unutmamaya ve affetmemeye geliyoruz.

26 Temmuz 19:00
Adalar Migros Önü/Eskişehir

Bütün Devlet Katildir!
Devlet Yaparsa Katliam Yapar!
Katil Devlet Yıkacağız Elbet!


Suruç Katliamı için uluslararası çağrı!

Kobane’nin inşası için 20 Temmuz 2015’de Suruç’a giden içinde anarşist yoldaşlarımızın da olduğu en az 32 kişi IŞİD tarafından gerçekleştirilen canlı bomba saldırısında hayatını kaybetmiştir. Türkiye Cumhuriyeti devletinin IŞİD’e üstü örtülü desteği hala devam etmektedir. Onların amaçlarına ulaşmaması için tüm gücümüzle mücadelemizi sürdüreceğiz.

Dünyadaki tüm anarşistlere çağrımızdır:

26 Temmuz Pazar günü bulunduğunuz yerlerdeki Türkiye Cumhuriyeti konsoloslukları önüne öfkemizi, isyanımızı büyütmeye!

Anarşi İnisiyatifi



International call to action for Suruç Massacre

In 20 July 2015, (at least 32) people, some of our anarchist comrades, who went to Suruc for reconstruction of Kobane were killed by the attack of an ISIS suicide bomber. Turkish Republic still continues to support ISIS underhand. We will maintain our fight with all our strength to block all their paths.

Our call to all the World anarchists: (26 July 2015, at 7 pm), for enlarging our anger and rebellion in front of consulates of Republic of Turkey where you live!

In solidarity with!

Anarchy Initiative


Διεθνής πρόσκληση για δράση για Suruç Σφαγή

Την 20η Ιουλίου (τουλάχιστον) 32 άνθρωποι,μερικοί εκ των οποίων αναρχικοί σύντροφοί μας που πήγαν στο Suruc να βοηθήσουν στην ανοικοδόμηση του Kobane,έχασαν τη ζωή τους απ’την επίιεση ενός καμικάζι αυτοκτονίας του ISIS.Η Τουρκική Δημοκρατία εξακολουθεί να υποστηρίζει τον ISIS “κάτω απ’το τραπέζι”.Θα συνεχίσουμε τον αγώνα μας με όλη μας τη δύναμη για να μπλοκάρουμε όλες τους τις διόδους.

Το κάλεσμά μας σε όλον τον αναρχικό κόσμο:

Την 26η Ιουλίου στις 7 μμ μπροστά στο τουρκικό προξενείο της πόλης σας,για να γιγαντώσουμε την οργή και την επανάστασή μας!



L`appel à la solidarité internationale pour le massacre Suruç

Le 20 juillet 2015, au moins 32 personnes, dont certains de nos camarades anarchistes, partis à Suruç pour la reconstruction de Kobanê, ont été tués dans l’attaque d’un kamikaze membre de l’ISIS. La République Turque continue sournoisement à soutenir l’ISIS. Nous allons continuer notre lutte afin de les empêcher d’agir de quelque façon que ce soit.

Nous appelons les anarchistes du monde entier…Le 26 juillet à 19:00 pour répandre notre colère et notre révolte devant les consulats et ambassades de la République de Turquie où que vous vous trouviez !

Solidairement,L’Initiative Anarchiste


Bangitiya Navneteweyi ji bo Komkujiya Suruç ê (Pirsus ê)

Ji bo nûavekirin a kobanê di 20 ê tirmeh’ê 2015’de, di navde rêhevalên me yên anarşîst jî , herî kêm 32 kesan di teqînan intîxarî ya ji alîyê Daîş’ê ve pêk hat , Jîyan a xwe ji dest dan. Dewlat a Komar a Tirkîyê sergirtî piştgirî ya xwe yî bi çete yan re di domîne. Ji bo ku ev qirêjî ya bi şirîkî bi ser nekeve emê bi hemû hêzên xwe tekoşînê bilind bikin.

Banga me ji bo hemû anarşîstên cîhanê:

Di 26 ‘ê tirmeh’ê roja yekşemê di seet 19.00 de li ber hemû konsolxaneyên Komara Tirkîyê emê hêrs û raperîn a xwe bilind bikin .

Piştgirî ya însîyatîf a anarşî

В 20 юли 2015, 32 души, някои от нашите анархистки другари, които отидоха да Сюруж за реконструкция на Кобане са били убити от атаката на атентатор самоубиец от Ислямска Държава. Турска република все още продължава подмолно да подкрепя джихадистите. Ние ще продължим нашата борба с всички сили за да блокираме всичките и пътища.

Нашият призив към всички _анархисти по света е: Да излезем заедно на 26 юли 2015 г. в 19:00, да покажем нашия гняв и бунт пред консулствата на Република Турция, в държавата в която се намираме! В знак на солидарност със загиналите!

Анархистка Инициатива

از خون عادت ماهانه و مدفوع نثار داعش تا افشای “اسلام امریکایی” سناتور جان مکین

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رزا: در این پست از زنان جوان فیمن شروع میکنیم که با خون عادت ماهانه و مدفوع به اعتراض گروه اسلامی داعش میروند. بعد ما خواندن  دوازده تز جان هالوی را آغاز کرده تا آغازمان را کامل کنیم!

– آغاز، حرکتی نفی گرایانه است

بعد از “نفی” به جستجوی بیشتر پرداخته که حامیان این داعش به راستی همان فروشندگان سلاح میباشند.

فروشندگان اسلحه گاه چهره ی مخوف دارند گاه «انسان دوستانه ».

اسلحه های آلمانی قرار است در خدمت “آزادی” زنان و کودکان به مناطق جنگی ارسال شوند (مثل سناریوی یوگوسلاوی حزب سبزهای در قدرت). یعنی سلاح بیشتر به “پیشمرگه” های بارزانی. عکس اخیرتمام هیکل “رهبر کُرد”هابارزانی و ظریف را هم که حضورتان هست! برای تشکر از حمایت رژیم اسلامی اخیرن به پابوس خامنه ای رفته بود!

مقاله ی عباس منصوران هم ربط “جنگ و نفت” را بخوبی توضیح داده. بصورت پی دی اف و 13 صفحه رسانه ای شد.

بقیه اش هم اخبار و حکایت این روزهای ملت است!

حال ما را هم بپرسید غمی نیست. مبارزه در تمام 4 دیواری های “امن” ادامه دارد!

مقاله ی بازی جنسیت، داوود غنیم- ترجمه: محبوبه حسین زاده  در چشمان زنان


در همین رابطه بسیار مفید است. اگر خونی برایمان بماند البته حتمن به ساختار خانواده مالیده و

What do we think about the current crisis of Iraq?

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What do we think about the current crisis of Iraq?

Iraq crisis has been continued for decades while it has been under the power of Saddam Hussein or under the “current democratic Regime” since the invasion of 2003. There were no freedom, no social justice; no equality and also little opportunity for those who were independent from the political parties who were in power. In addition to existing brutality and discrimination against women and the ordinary people a very big gap was created between the rich and poor, making the poor even poorer and the rich richer.

The current crisis is nothing far from what has been said above. In fact it is the continuation of the same situation of what was happening decades ago. The only differences are the names and the power of the political parties in power.

Politicians and the mass media love to tell us that the current struggles are the continuation of the old struggles & conflict between the two main Islamic religion doctrines: Shia and Sunni that they have a bloody background almost since the birth of the Islam religion.

If we look into history of the nations, countries and their people, their history was always struggling between the powerful people and the powerless, between the exploiters and the exploited, between the occupier and the occupied people, between the invader and the people who have fought back against powers, against authorities and states. In short it was a war for more capitals and profits.

What is happening in Iraq today under the name of “the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (Syria), Isis” far from what the mass media portrayed and tells us. The facts are:
1st the Isis advance is a tiny minority aided by Sunni factions disillusioned with Shia leadership in Baghdad, Sunni tribal leaders, Ba’ath party members, old army officers and factions of the former insurgency all came together to plan how to take the fight to the prime minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki . When the Isis marched towards Mosul, the third biggest city in Iraq, and occupied, they were less than 2,000 while around 60,000 people from police, soldiers to intelligent forces and security were existing in the town. This army was equipped heavily with the fighter Jets, tanks and different types of powerful weapons, but this army has collapsed and fled from the Isis group and the other militant with very little resistance or no resistance.
2nd facts what was happening more likely was a plan by Turkey, Gulf countries and Kurdish Region Government “K.R.G” with the knowledge of US and UK.
3rd It is very difficult to know exactly what will be happening in the end, as most of the time it depends on the interest of US and western countries that will measured any uprising or movement whether it gets help or not through their interest. Until now both the US &UK insist on the unity of people in Iraq to live together under the same system. If they know that their interests are under threat they do not mind to divide Iraq in to 3 Simi-states between Kurd, Sunni and Shia.
4th this situation has pushed Iraq to the brink of sectarian war, especially after issuing a Fatwa by Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani, one of Shia Islam’s most revered cleric, for citizens to bear arms and sign up for the military.
5th We are very much sure that there is a hidden agenda here as well. We think one of the aim of this war is surrounding and strangling the democratic mass movement of the Kurdish people in west of Kurdistan (Syria’s Kurdistan) and there local administration. The mass movement there proved that there has been alternative to the nation state, old/neo-liberal system and its government. It also proved that the movement of people do not have to follow the “Arab Spring” that ended up in establishing an Islamic government. In addition to that this movement showed the uprising of people should not be supported by US, EU and their agents. It has proved that the revolution has to be started from the bottom of the societies, not from the top as this can be achieved by building the local groups that making most of the decisions by themselves and for themselves. This movement is clearly not in the interest of the politicians and neo-liberalism, so the next step is to attack the west of Kurdistan and their mass movement.

In view of the above we (KAF) denounce this war that has been launched and imposed on Iraqi people and we believe in organizing people outside of the political parties, the supporters of the war and outside of the institution of the states and the governments but in their work places, in their neighborhood, in their schools, universities and on the streets to unite and fight back against war, injustice, poverty, starvation, inequality, and suppression that have been imposed by this brutal system through their State, Corporation, finance institution , neo-liberal mass media and the institution of their spies & agents.

Kurdistan Anarchist’s Forum

Nivisa min a nu Silav u rez

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Mîro dizewice…
Îkram Oguz

Çar pênc sal derbasbu, şerê cîhanê ya yekemin qedîya. Di dawîya şer da ew
dewletên ku têk çubun, ji wan yek jî dewleta Osmanî bu. Gelek herêmên alî
rojava jê qetîyan. Herêmên rojhilat jî hinek ketibun bin bandora Îngilîzan,
hinek jî ketibun destê Fransizan. Di dewerên din da jî tevlihevîyek mezin
di navbera gelên herêmê û dewleta Osmanî da derketibu. Okumaya devam et

Hevpeyivin Murad Ciwan

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Hevpeyivîna ku Dunya TV-yê bi min re kiriye
Murad Ciwan


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Mixabin sêzdeh sal berê rojekî weku îro de serokê Weqfa Zehrayê Seydayê
Îzedîn Yildirim ji aliyê hêzên tarî ve hat şehîdkirin. Seydayê mezin berî
ku bê şehîdkirin ji aliyê hin hêzên xwînrij û rûreş ên ku darê destê hêzên
biyanî bûn hat revandin û van kesan digel hevalbendên xwe piştî êşkenceyeke
nemirovane dawî li jiyana wî anîn. Seyda, jiyana xwe ji bo dawa mezin a
Îslamê weqif kiribû û hertim ji bo selametî û serkeftina miletê xwe yê
mezlûm û bêxwedî di nava kar û çalakiyên aştiyane û sîvîl de bû.

Piştî sêzdeh salî hîna jî kujer û hêzên tarî yên pişt perdeyê nehatine
aşkera kirin û ev tawan weku pirs û dawayek ji dewletê tê kirin. Heta
dewlet faîlên rastî yên vê bûyerê aşkera neke dê di bin tometê de be.

Hezar silav li giyanê pak ê seydayê ezîz Îzedîn Yildirim û hevalê wî Şehîd
Avci be. Em seydayê hêja bi rêz û minet bi bîr tînin û kujer û pîlangêrên
bûyera kuştina wî şermezar dikin û em van kesên xwînrij dispêrin edl û
xezeba Xwedayê Mezin.

* Komeleya Nûbiharê*