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US, Anarchist journal, Nor’easter Issue 6 Out Now!

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Revolutionary summer salutations from the Nor’easter Collective! —- It’s been a crazy
summer, but Issue 6 of the Nor’easter is out now and ready to storm the Northeast and
beyond! Our previous issue received a great response and saw increased distribution
throughout the northeast, and as far as Seattle, Los Angeles and Austin. We would like to
thank everyone who ordered copies of Issue 5, and would like to encourage groups,
bookstores, individuals, etc. to order copies for outreach, education and plugging in! As
always, copies are available by mail in bundles of 50 for $15 to cover printing and
shipping costs. —- In Issue 6, you’ll find updates from Pittsburgh organizing and
strategizing against the G-20, a report from the solidarity caravan to Cuba, a speech by
Ramona Africa, group reports, events and more!

Last but definitely not least, we want to hear from you! If you’ve got a pitch for a
story; if your group is working hard on a campaign; or if you want to introduce your local
efforts to the region and beyond, send us an email about submissions for Issue 7, due out
in December (deadlines will be in mid-November). After all, what are we without
contributions from local groups and projects? You make the news, we just print it!

-Nor’easter Collective

Uruguay, Anarchist journal, Red and Black Out No. 6

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+ Editorial (machine translation)

Neighborhood newspaper, workers & students: In the face of popular struggles —- CONTENTS
Resistance in Honduras —- Impunity in check —- Filter, 15 years of impunity —- New
Epidemic: hyperactivity? —- Paysandu: Chronicles 14 August — Echoes in Congress — We
go, the bees are going — How is the Ucrus? — Nuclear energy or renewables — Interview
with the CCL: From the base and without compromise — Insane changes Casmu — Cheap
labor — Artigas: Two unions, a struggle — Everyone in his boat — They fought and
won: Zanon workers under control — Indian Resistance: Urraca — Art from below: Mural
Latino Americano —- Ciudad de Buenos Aires SA-Zisman Macri —- Empire, bases and
accumulation by dispossession, RECLAIM — Chronicles Mercedarias — Libertarian Studies
Foundation — Do not forget — Sacco and Vanzetti

In Activities and Marches. In the main Avdas Kiosks. and positions of Libertarian
Studies Foundation Flores Magon: Department of Montevideo: Sundays in Tristan Narvaja esq.
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Suscribite the Red and Black, or put your Notice Partner
Mail: periodico.rojoynegro @ Blog:


It was in the parliamentary panel that was assembled to round up the play impunity.
More taking the necessary majorities, the current progressive government annulled as well
could not have done it, the Law of Punitive Claim Expiration of the state, which prevents
prosecute those guilty of state terrorism as expressed in the past dictatorship and
futures and possible crimes against humanity that might be committed again.
The plebiscite would be carried out within the framework of the forthcoming national
elections in October, was empowered by the Electoral Court in an effort by grassroots
movement through the creation of an integrated coordinating social and union
organizations, and after a task nourished by the historical memory to the comrades
tortured, disappeared and killed in the recent black period of our country, task
commitment nourished by human rights activist and sense of justice worthy of our people.
This could present more than 340,000 signatures with which, no matter who although was
left in check impunity. Now, human rights are not to raise a flag for electoral purposes
and is not a question of what political party belongs to the little flag, beyond that they
are consistent and fairly, the line or not supporting a plebiscite campaign, much less a
matter of government-les slogans, and we say this because many who, no doubt, and we are
conscious of it, they stood in the work of this campaign coupled signatures today for
translating these efforts take advantage of all the militancy in capitalization policy to
build electorally.

Neither our population organizations should be used as caboose of government projects,
nor the call to vote for the repeal of the Act must be provided to Impunity for
proselytizing of any kind. Impunity is in check thanks to the popular forces and it is
from that area to be considered a victory for which now require that flood of pink slips
impunity to kill and not let it escape the unfavorable position in which it was located.
In October, those votes votes
Vote against impunity
By trial and punishment NEVER AGAIN

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