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Ireland, Anarchist WSM calling: No to Lisbon – A Treaty for the Rich

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The WSM is calling for a No vote in the 2nd Lisbon referendum on the grounds that people
in Ireland can do a lot better than a choice between the clowns in the Dáil or those in
Brussels. We oppose the EU’s policies of privatisation, militarisation and attacks on
workers’ conditions but don’t insult people’s intelligence by saying that our current
society in Ireland with its severe recession, diabolical public services and corruption is
anything better. The major lack of democracy in our lives is not between us and the EU but
between the Irish government and us. —- We see issues like the democratic deficit in the
EU as merely a symptom of the real problem. The real problem is in how we live our own
lives. We work all day and have absolutely no control over our lives or in our workplace;
we are asked to vote every five years to chose who we would like to make decisions for us.
This is not democracy in any meaningful sense of the word.

There are people who do have control however; the politicians and business elites. They
make money off our work everyday. A quick look over the past ten years in this country has
shown they couldn’t care less about us. A massive amount of wealth was been created by
workers in this country during the Celtic Tiger years, yet we have seen little long-term
improvement in our lives as a result.

Anarchists believe the problem is not the treaty alone but the EU as an institution. The
treaty, no matter what it contained, wouldn’t give us more control of our lives. This can
only happen when we have democracy in our communities and workplaces. Thus, only a radical
change in the democratic and economic structure of our society can change things so that
the majority of people benefit from the resources of this country. The wealth, held now by
the minority, must be used to benefit everyone.

So, why should we give them the thumbs up? Vote ‘No’ to their project for benefiting
elites. But a vote ‘No’ is worth little on its own if things are not changed at home. The
EU must change but so too must Irish society.
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