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Brazil, Presentation Letter of the Pró-Coletivo Anarquista Organizado de Joinville

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The present document is the first public document of Pró-CAO (Pró – Coletivo Anarquista
Organizado / Pro – Organized Anarchist Collective) of Joinville, Santa Catarina, in which
we will try to present our project for the construction of an organized anarchist policy
with an ideologically revolutionary program. —- Presentation Letter of the Pró-Coletivo
Anarquista Organizado de Joinville (Pro – Organized Anarchist Collective of Joinville)
“.true anarchy cannot exist outside of solidarity, outside of socialism.” Errico Malatesta
“Idea and action are inseparable, if the idea has ascendancy over the individual; and
without action the very idea atrophies.” —- Piotr Kropotkin —- “Sometimes it is better
to fight and get beat up than to run away.” —- George Orwell —-

“Equality before the law is a farce without social equality. We want opportunity for all,
not to accumulate millions, but to have a perfectly human life, without inquietudes or
freights concerning the future.”
Ricardo Flores Magón

The present document is the first public document of Pró-CAO (Pró – Coletivo Anarquista
Organizado / Pro – Organized Anarchist Collective) of Joinville, Santa Catarina, in which
we will try to present our project for the construction of an organized anarchist policy
with an ideologically revolutionary program.

We insert ourselves in the reality of the global crisis of the capitalist system, where
the arguments that grapple with this said reality do not point to the structure of the
system; the States are the mechanisms to regulate and maintain the economic order and the
supposed ways out for the crisis, while the working class both employed and unemployed
pays with more exploration and suffering.

We think the global structure linked to Joinville’s reality, where the reflexes are
perceived in the factories, with the increase in unemployment; meanwhile the unions do not
know – or do not want to know – how to resist the dismissals, thus assuming the discourse
of the entrepreneurs or putting the blame on the working class apathy.

The youngest strata of the population, everyday further from the reality of a future, has
their dreams directed towards consumption, often to products harmful to themselves;
federal, state and city public policies in this sense are merely trickeries and not a
profound and radical view that could bring about a solution. We can perceive the State’s
incapacity to deal with such problems through measures that difficult the free circulation
of youth, as well as all the non-rich population, through increases in the public
transportation fees, maintaining transport in the private perspective and curfew for
youngsters with less than eighteen in central streets. Actually, it is in these situations
that we perceive the State’s real function, of an oppressor and a watchdog for the owners
of capital.

For these and many other reasons we believe that the present model of representative
democracy, where those “elected by the people” increase their own salaries and benefits as
much as they want, is not and will never be capable of acting for the economically lower
strata of the population, i.e., the low economic power conducts the individual to a low
political power according to the present representative logic, besides of course other
prejudicial prerogatives that reduce the possibility to do politics, such as being a
woman, of an ethnic minority, drug user or of diverse sexual orientations.

We propose the Organized Anarchism Collective as an alternative do “do politics” without
necessarily being tied to institutional political parties that believe that politics is
done only or solely in parliament. Denying this perspective, we affirm that true politics
is the one that emanates directly from the people.

Discontentment with the social reality, with the perpetuation of the State, of the
capitalist system and recognition of the impossibility of authoritarian domination and the
exploitation of people by people, we look for a way towards an anarchist organization,
trying to develop collectively a revolutionary anarchist political program for the reality
in which we live and where we are exploited. At the same time, we look for an
approximation with other organizations that have perspectives and aims that converge with
ours in the Brazilian territory as well as on the rest of the globe, trying to establish
an effective change of experiences in the class war for the suppression of capitalism and
the State, promoting the popular organization, because only so can we defeat them.

Our vision is of an anarchism politically organized and of a social action inserted “to
the bones” in social movements, popular organizations, student movements and entities
always trying to build side by side, never directing as habitually does the traditional
and institutionalized left in social fights, or having any vanguard attitudes, as would
like some theorists.

Upon this vision – which we recognize that will have to be deepened – and understanding
that humanity did not corrupt itself only in the economic direction, so that it would be a
binary resolution to terminate the conflict employer/employee, we aim at the construction
of an anarchy linked to: socialism, a class war beyond the economic class, federalism,
freedom, organization, self-management and anti-statism.

Aiming always at the collective construction with other anarchists whose conviction is in
accordance with this first document, we understand that for the construction of an
organization capable of maintaining these proposals it is necessary time, work and
experience, for we firmly believe it is very important to combine theory and practice with
the social and political reality of our city. This is the purpose of pro-CAO (pro-OAC), to
be the foundation for a future organization compromised with Libertarian Socialism.

Pró-Coletivo Anarquista Organizado de Joinville
(Pro – Organized Anarchist Collective of Joinville)

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Brazil, How to Participate in the FARJ? – by Federação Anarquista do Rio de Janeiro

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A translation of a FARJ document explaining the process by which people seeking to get
involved in the activities of the Federação Anarquista do Rio de Janeiro can do so.
It has been translated in to English as a matter of interest for groups which operate with
different levels of involvement, such as that of supporters and members. Readers may also
find the FARJ document on the Concentric Circles of the specific anarchist organisation
relevant. —- How does the structure of FARJ militants function? —- The FARJ has two
instances of distinct militants, defined by the logic of the concentric circles with which
we work. There are the supporters and the militants of the organisation. The best way to
start participating in the FARJ is by being a supporter. [To know more about the
concentric circles, see our document Anarquismo Social e Organização].

What is a supporter and what do they do?

The supporter does not take part in the organisation, but has a fundamental importance.
The instance in which the supporter takes part seeks to group together all of the people
that have ideological affinity with the FARJ and that want to contribute in some way. The
supporters are responsible for supporting the organisation in its practical work, like for
example; in the editing of pamphlets, periodicals or books; in the divulging of propaganda
material; in the support of the work of theoretical production or of analysis of current
contexts; translations of texts and books; in the organisation of practical activities for
social work: community activites, volunteers, support in our formation work, logistical
activities, support in the organisation of work etc.

This instance of support is where people that have affinity with the FARJ and its work
have contact with other militants, can improve their understanding of our political line,
better get to know our current activities, improve their view of anarchism etc.
How can you become a supporter militant?
The process of approximation that we give preference to is always with practical work in
any of our fronts. The idea is that the interested person verifies with which work they
have the most affinity and, by entering into contact with the organisation, may then take
part in our work and from that seek admission to the level of a supporter. That is,
getting close to the organisation should occur, preferably, in the social work that is
performed in our three fronts.
What are our three fronts and their work?
Urban Social Movements Front: Has been performing permanent work with the urban
occupations of Rio de Janeiro since 2003, and giving continuity to the experiences we
already had with the homeless movement since the 1990s. At the moment this front also
encompasses the reconstruction of the Rio de Janeiro Unemployed Workers’ Movement
(Movimento dos Trabalhadores Desempregados – MTD), which has existed in Rio de Janeiro
since 2001 and fights for employment across the country. The MTD is regaining its strength
now, re-connecting itself and forming a nucleus of people from communities and favelas for
the struggle. Besides this, this front has relations with the Landless Rural Workers
Movement (Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra – MST), for which it is offering
political training courses in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The front is also close to and
organises activities with other entities and social movements like the Popular Assembly
(Assembléia Popular – Rio de Janeiro) and the International Homeless Front (Frente
Internacionalista dos Sem-Teto – FIST).

Community Front: It is responsible for the Social Cultural Centre of Rio de Janeiro
(Centro Cultura Social do Rio de Janeiro – CCS-RJ), an open social space which we maintain
in the northern zone of the city and that puts together a series of community activities
from garbage recycling, courses to reinforce school teachings to poor children from the
community of Morro dos Macacos and courses helping to prepare them to enter university, to
theatre workshops, cultural events, and commemorations and meetings of various types. This
front is also responsible for the Fábio Luz Social Library (Biblioteca Social Fábio
Luz-BSFL) which has existed since 2001 and under which functions the Marques da Costa
Research Nucleus (Núcleo de Pesquisa Marques da Costa-NPMC) that, founded in 2004, has the
goal of producing theory for the organisation, in addition to historical research about
anarchism in Rio de Janeiro. Besides this, the community front is responsible for the
Ideal Peres Libertarian Study Circle (Círculo de Estudos Libertários Ideal Peres – CELIP),
a public space of the FARJ that has the goal of organising talks, debates and video
screenings in order to draw in those newly interested in anarchism.

Anarchism and Nature Front: Works in rural social movements and groups that work with
agriculture and social ecology. It has contact with and works with the MST, the Via
Campesina and spaces like the Floreal Cooperative and the Germinal Center for Food and
Health. It performs teaching courses and workshops in occupations, favelas, settlements,
schools and poor communities. All this with the objective of rescuing agriculture,
agro-ecology, social ecology, eco-literacy and economic solidarity. In addition to
articulating the creation of networks between workers of the countryside and city, it
seeks to involve workers, social movements militants and students in its activities.

In order to meet an important demand we lead a “transversal’ project, in which all our
fronts are inserted, which is called the Popular University (Universidade Popular – RJ).
This proposal was deployed, in fact, as an anti-capitalist popular education initiative,
aimed at the transformation of society using the tactic of political training within
social movements.

Choosing where to act, how to get closer?

Send an email to with a brief presentation of yourself and saying in which
front you would like to work. Our secretary will put you in contact with a person
responsible for that front and from there contacts will be established. It is also
possible to enter directly into contact with someone from our organisation. From the
contact you will be directed to the work and getting closer to FARJ militants should
happen in the day-to-day struggle. Getting close to you is to show your willingness to
become a supporter and to give our militants the necessary orientation.

Is it possible to have supporters in other locations, outside of Rio de Janeiro?

Yes. For this you have to write to expressing your wish to be a supporter,
also with a brief presentation, and informing us that you are outside of Rio de Janeiro.
Generally supporters from other locations are known to us or indicated by other supporters
or militants of the organisation. Advise us if you know anyone in these conditions. We
will initiate a process of correspondence and work until there can be possible meetings or
sufficient exchanges of information to allow entry as a supporter. Also the criteria for
acceptance of entry will be based on the work that will be done over a long period.

Is there something more to say for those who want to be a supporter?

It is important that persons who approach us and want to be with us should know our
political line, which is explained in our program “Social Anarchism and Organisation”,
which can be read here on our website or at Basically,
the person has to consider themselves to bean anarchist and advocate class-struggle social
anarchism, directed towards popular struggles with the objective of revolutionary social
transformation. Besides this, it is very important to have ethics, responsibility,
commitment, and self-discipline.

Is there opportunity for other exact contributions?

Yes and they are always very welcome. If you want to contribute in any way, please write
to us at

How does a supporter become a member of the organisation?

This happens in the process of work and struggle. With permanent contact in the activities
(of the organisation), the supporter can express their desire to join the organisation or
vice versa. The process of entry is discussed collectively, and of course, as this is
another level of militancy with greater responsibilities and duties in the organisation,
there is more need for more commitment and levying.

How to participate sporadically in the activities that we do and get inside of what is
going on in organised anarchism in Rio?

Send an email to with the subject “Register” so that we can put you in our
direct mail. Periodically you will receive news related to the social movements and
activities of the FARJ, as well as our newsletter and our organ Libera in digital format.
If you feel affinity with our proposal, do not hesitate to contact us!
Translation by Jonathan (ZACF).
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Brazil, 2nd Encounter towards a Sao Paulo Anarchist Federation

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 18-19 July 2009 (Federação Anarquista de São Paulo)

The Pró-Federação Anarquista de São Paulo collective invites everyone to participate in
the 2nd Encounter towards a Sao Paulo Anarchist Federation on 18-19 July 2009 in the city
of Sao Paulo, Brazil. —- The first Encounter in July 2008 saw the participation of 85
comrades, which helped strengthen the discussion on the need to build an anarchist
organization in Sao Paulo with an especifist organizational basis. —- It was from that
Encounter che this collective was formed, with the aim of carrying on the debate. The
purpose of this second Encounter, then, is to present and discuss the collective’s
experiences and the work done so far, and also to invite new comrades to join us. Over
this first year, the participants have engaged in many activities with the aim of joining
the popular struggles and contributing social and practical ideas such as direct action,
autonomy, combativity, solidarity, horizontality and independence from parties.

During this process, there have been losses and gains, which enabled the collective to
develop and expand. These are important effects if more people are to contribute to the
building of organized social anarchist practices.

So, with a fighting spirit we invite everyone to this second Encounter, to give continuity
to this task and together build a specific anarchist organization in Sao Paulo.

Long life and Liberty!

Espaço Ay Carmela!
Rua das Carmelitas, 140, Sé – São Paulo
Travessa da Rua Tabatinguera – Metrô Sé
1st Day – 18/07 – Saturday

8.00 – 9.00am: Breakfast
9.30 – 12.00am: Opening
– Presentation of the venue, the Espaço Ay Carmela, a self-managed political and cultural
– What is the Pró-FASP collective? From theory to practice
– Presentation on Social Anarchism, especifismo and the importance of committment in the
anarchist organization
– Presentation on the collective’s praxis: areas of struggle and workgroups
11.00 – 12.00am: Debate
12.00 – 1.45pm: Lunch
2.00 – 6.00pm: Discussion on the current situation
2.00 – 3.45pm: Discussion groups
– Social Movements: the struggle in the countryside and in the towns
– Anarchism around the world: Brazil, Mexico, Greece, Argentina
– Political events in Brazil and around the world: an anarchist analysis
– Anarchism and feminism: libertarian women and social transformation
3.45 – 4.15pm: Café
4.15 – 6.00pm: Conclusion of joint discussions
6.00 – 7.30pm: Dinner
7.30 – 10.00pm: Party

2nd Day – 19/07 – Sunday

8.00 – 9.00am: Breakfast
9.30 – 12.00am: Social anarchism in Brazil today
– With the confirmed participation of: the Federação Anarquista Gaúcha and the Federação
Anarquista do Rio de Janeiro
12.00 – 1.00pm: Lunch
1.00 – 5.00pm: Final activities
Discussion of practical points for social anarchism in Sao Paulo and joint basis for the
foundation of the Sao Paulo Anarchist Federation.

Translation by FdCA-International Relations Office

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