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This is an urgent call from Amargi Women’s Solidarity Cooperative to all intellectuals, writers, artists, feminist associations, lawyers, journalists, human rights activists and politicians

Feminist, sociologist, anti-militarist peace activist, writer  and founding member of Amargi Women’s Solidarity Cooperative Pınar Selek  is facing penal of life time imprisonment at the trial she has been acquitted twice.

As the public opinion already knows, she was made to target due to her leading sociological research in 1996 concerning the Turkish-Kurdish war conditions and possibilities of reconciliation.  Taken under custody her research was confiscated. She was heavily tortured in order to give the names of the people she interviewed. As she rejected, she found herself arrested. While she was already in prison, her name was related to the explosion in Spice Bazaar as part of a conspiracy plot. During the trial the false statement given against her under torture was revealed and every allegation became disproven. Finally Pınar Selek was released after 2 and half years. However, although she has been acquitted twice, the Criminal Office No. 9 of Supreme Court decided upon the reversal of the acquittal on merits for the second time and demanded Pınar Selek to be judged with a claim of 36 years of heavy imprisonment. The Criminal General Assembly rejected the Head
prosecutor’s objection and sent the case back to the Istanbul High Crimanl Court number 12 which had given the decision of acquittal.

Pınar Selek will be trialed once again, on 9th of February, 2011 in Istanbul 12th High Criminal Court located in Beşiktaş/Istanbul.

At this point all solidarity actions with Pınar Selek are of vital importance. Hence we invite you to support our struggle for justice, by;

*joining personally in the court session on 9th of February, or sending an observational committee to the trial

*organising press conferences, or writing and sending us your (groups/organisations) political support statement.

*making Pınar Selek’s case visible in your country/state by spreading this call and her campaign information.

*participating at the sign petition for Pınar Selek campaign – organised by P.E.N. Germany.

This petition will be publicly announced by P.E.N. Germany, on the court day at a special press conference in Istanbul. Any contribution to this petition until the day of the trial will be higly appreciated.

Pınar Selek’s case has already turned to a symbolic mark for the seek of justice among all unlawfulness.  Having close relationships with groups otherized by the system, she is very well known in Turkey and abroad with her books on violence against transgender women in Istanbul, the history of peace struggles in Turkey and finally building up manhood within the context of military service experiences. This last book Sürüne Sürüne Erkek Olmak (Leading a Dog’s Life: Masculinity) is also published in Germany under the title, Zum Mann gehätschelt. Zum Mann gedrillt.

Since 12 years, many well known Turkish and foreign intellectuals declared their open support for Pınar Selek by also personally attending the trials. P.E.N. Germany is also leading an international support campaign which is available at,aufruf.php.

For further information and/or your proposals to support Pınar Selek please contact; (still witnesses platform mail address) (international spokesperson of Pınar Selek Support Campaign) (member of Pınar Selek Support Campaign) (comity from France)

Now it is again time for solidarity.
Looking forward to your precious contribution

Amargi Women’s Solidarity Cooperative/Istanbul