Istanbul: Anarchist/Queer/Vegan day (11 April 2015) için arşiv

Istanbul: Anarchist/Queer/Vegan day (11 April 2015)

Posted in English, Feminizm, Queer with tags on 12/03/2015 by Karakök


“Anarchist/Queer/Vegan day” is a day where anarchists or autonomous from different adjectives will gather, meet, exchange information, make fun, cook and eat together and discuss the possibilities of joined struggle.

A day where we will remember our unity in the streets against to State & Police violence and against to racist & fascist& Trans/homophobic and speciesist counter-attacks.

A day where we show our existences on our ethical stances while the both the state and the opposition are tying to trap individuals with their political agenda.

On the dawn of new tyranny laws and raising organised counter attacks, we will show our solidarity to our hostage anarchists, vegans, vegetarians, queers sisters and brothers.

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