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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue “as usual” in Bil’in, Jerusalem, Ma’asara and Ni’ilin

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More than 60 activists were involved with the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative at
the Friday demonstrations (in addition to the week day on going struggles. Friday
demonstration were as usual in Bil’in and Ni’ilin (west of Ramalla), Ma’asara (south of
Bethlehem), and Sheikh Jarrah (occupied east Jerusalem). —- BIL’IN —- Over 20 Israelis
and about 20 internationals joined the local villagers in the weekly demonstration against
the Israeli stranglehold of Bil’in and the Palestinian people. The procession marched on
chanting merrily, waving a bunch of new Palestinian flags and sporting banners protesting
European and corporate support of the occupation. The wind, however, was unilaterally
pro-Israeli, and made it difficult for demonstrators to hold their stance against the
clouds of gas slowly flowing down the path in endless abundance courtesy of Israeli and
American tax payer’s money. The shabab was very restrained and refused to use force in
order to disperse the soldiers from the gate area. It was only at the very end of the
demonstration that they used their free and eco-friendly means for dispersing armed
oppression.Bil’in 27-11-09’ASARA

Invitation to the demo: “there’s a car going to ma’asara demo and from there to seih jarah
demo tomorrow”

In Ma’asara some 50 Palestinian, Israeli and international demonstrators marched on Friday
in protest against the Apartheid Wall. Soldiers and Border Policemen waited for the march
just outside the village, laying razor wire on the road in a location closer to the
village that the usual. Demonstrators aliened themselves opposite the occupation forces,
and within three minutes police charged and grabbed one of the village youth, arresting
him with no reason at all.

The demonstration proceeded, and speeches were carried in Arabic, English and Hebrew. The
joint Palestinian-Israeli drumming band played to the rhythm of the slogans chanted, and
some of the village children challenged the soldiers by pulling at the razor wire.
Meanwhile, some of the Israeli activists presented the soldiers with a map of the West
Bank and the Wall and with a specially drawn map of the area of the demonstration so that
they know how far away they (and the fence) are from Israel’s border.

After half an hour a deal was struck with the police that the demonstration will retreat
ten meters, and the detainee be released. Surprisingly enough, the police did not keep
their end of the deal. The demonstration went on for another hour, with people drumming,
playing football and proceeding with geography lessons to the soldiers. Eventually the
detained youth was made to sign a promise not to return to the demonstrations for two
weeks and was then released. Back with the crowd, he told his friends how he had been
beaten inside the police car once out of sight.


Protester Shot With Live Bullet During Demonstration Against the Wall in Ni’ilin

This Friday in Ni’ilin, some 150 Palestinian, International, and Israeli protesters,
gathered in a demonstration against the annexation of the village’s land and the wall
surrounding it. The protesters marched toward the gate in the wall (through which soldiers
enter when raiding the village), and urged the soldiers on the other side to refuse to
serve, reminding them that they are standing on a stolen land. In response, the soldiers
shot tear gas at the protesters, as well as 0.22 live bullets (two-two), hitting one
protester in the hip. The protester required immediate medical attention and was later
transferred to a hospital.

Retreating from the scores of tear gas and live bullets shot at them, the protesters moved
towards an uncostructed area of the wall. A group of soldiers, escorted with three jeeps,
crossed the gate and started advancing in the fields while shooting tear gas. Two
soldiers, hiding in the many olive trees that surround Niilin, tried to hunt and aim at
the protesters. Once the soldiers retreated back behind the wall, a group of the village
youths followed them back and confronted them there.


In early November the Al-Kurd family was evicted from a section of their house. On Tuesday
1.12 the settlers moved into it. When settlers lived in the other Al-Kurd family house in
the neighborhood, they terrorized the family for months, until they obtained ownership
over the entire house. This led to the eviction of the family a year ago. This will be
the fifth house taken over by settlers in Karm Al Ja’ouni.

Weekly Protest March from the Mashbir plaza to Sheikh Jarrah

Join a march from West to East Jerusalem in protest of the injustice committed against the
Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem. The march will end in Sheikh Jarrah with a
protest against the settler enterprise in the neighborhood.

The march will start at the Mashbir plaza on Friday 4.12 at 13:30

For further information or transportation from Tel Aviv: M

The situation in Sheikh Jarrah is very explosive right now. The last three days were
filled with violent outbreaks, confrontations with the settlers and the police, and the
tent of the Gawi family was demolished once more. Yesterday the Al-Kurd family lost the
appeal they submitted requesting the settlers to be removed from the new section of their
house. Earlier today (Thursday) morning, police and secret service forces entered the
neighborhood and arrested three Palestinians. Two of them were not found at home and were
summoned to the police. There are large police forces in the neighborhood at the moment.
International presence is insufficient, and there is a lack of cameras.
We need greater presence in the neighborhood in the next few days.
for coordination or further information M
Occupation of Al-Kurd home, 1st December, Sheikh Jarrah


Palestine-Israel, Joint action to repeal the night after night harassment of the Bil’in village by the Israeli state forces

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Last three weeks, the Israeli state forces invade the Bil’in village nearly every night.
It terorise people homes and arrest youth. Till now about 10 are still held at military concentration camp. Last few days, an invitation of the village popular comity to stay nights in the village to deter the army when it invade, was sent to the mailing list of the Anarchists Against the Wall. On Monday morning we got the following report: “Following the recent night army raids on Bil’in, a group of Israeli & International activists were present tonight at the village. The army did not enter the village tonight. Our friends
ask for activists’ presence tonight also. Please contact Shai at 052-xxxx if you wish to join. Monday late evening, two buss loads and 10 armored cars were seen at the gate of the separation fence in Bil’in.

In the name of the popular comity of Bil’in villagethe following call was issued:

Action alert: people urgently needed in bil’in

Hey all, people are urgently needed in Bil’in, according to members of the popular committee, 2 busloads of soldiers and 10 jeeps have come and are near the wall. The people in the village intend to go out and there are several israeli (1 carful) and international activists on their way, but not enough. This is part of an ongoing iof campaign to arrest young men from the village. the army has been coming into the village at night for over a
week now and there have been successful de-arrests. anyone who can go, please call

Mohammad Khatib 059-xxxx

Abdullah Abu Rahme 054-xxxx

At 3:15 am. Youval [of the AAtW contingent] reported that the army invaded the village again. they are braking into houses. a group of locals together with Israelis and international is following the soldiers, trying to protest against the harassment. there are about 10 jeeps driving around the village. one international was arrested. since it is happening almost every night, for the last 3 weeks, it seems like a new tactic to break the village’s protest against the wall and settlements. support and protest from international community is much needed now.

Tuesday morning report: Israeli soldiers attacked Bilin and arrested two – one of them American.

At 3 am 7/7/09 approximately 100 soldiers and border policeman invaded Bilin and have attacked the homes of Basem Yasin, Akhmed Yasin, Shauket Khatib and Abd AlMuamen Abu
Rakhma there they had arrested Majdi Abdel Muamer Abu Rakhma and an American activist when he tried to resist to invasion of a home. A group of about 100 Palestinian, Israeli and international activists followed the soldiers, trying to stop them and make them leave the village. They have succeeded in doing so, and they skipped the rest of the houses
without making any arrest. Thus, the popular committee asks Israeli and international activists to keep coming to the village in the following days, in order to resist further army invasions.

Such invasions have been going on in Bilin frequently in the last two weeks: soldiers arrested nine children and youth of the popular non-violent protest, and were attempting to arrest all participants of the popular protest.

For more information, Please call Abdullah Abu Rahamah, the coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall in Bilin.
e-mail –

Palestine-Israel, The Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall

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Palestine-Israel, The Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall are still in the front of the joint struggle against the occupation.

For more than a year Bil’in is not the only persisting popular struggle. The activists of the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative joined this week the expanding popular struggle of the Palestinians in Bil’in, Ni’ilin, Um-Salmuna, Saffa, the Jordan valley, Izbet Tabib, Bnei Zid, and the Jerusalem region. In addition to rising the moral, some successes were achieved. The joint struggle get lot of publicity in the Israeli and the international media. (Just do an internet search of the phrase “Anarchists Against the Wall” and see the tens of thousands of links found.)


Some 20 Israelis and 50 internationals joined several dozens of Palestinians for the weekly demo in Bil’in. The demonstrators marched toward the wall singing and chanting against the Israeli occupation and the wall. Some of the internationals, due to pressure from the people who had organized their visit, did not march with the demonstrators, but only watched them from the side and stayed behind. As in the last two weeks, the military was not as aggressive as in previous months, and shot relatively small amounts of gas, which increased as the demo went on. When some demonstrators managed to open the gate and get between the fences, the soldiers threw shock grenades at them, but did not shoot rubber bullets. The army did, however, shoot gas grenades directly at the ambulance that cam to evict victims of gas inhalation, and used the multiple gas canister cannon when the ambulance was still turning around to head back. Three people suffered direct hits of gas grenades and few needed treatment for gas inhalation.

Naomi Klein in Bil’in 26-6-09 – link to video
Link for video: Bil’in 26-6-09,
Bil’in 3.7.2009 video at

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue and so is the international aspect of it

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Date Sun, 14 Jun 2009

Just do Google/yahoo Bil’in + village; and on “Anarchists Against the Wall”. The numbers
doubled the last year. This week the AAtW activists joined others – including the American
feminist organization “Code Pink Women for Peace” in the continuous struggle in Jerusalem,
West bank, Tel Aviv and Gaza. Friday we were in the weekly demons in Bil’in, Ni’ilin, and
Um Salmuna. On Saturday, Saffa again, to help the villagers to cultivate land near the
colonialist settlement of Bat Ain and not to let these to grab more of their land.
Saturday evening we held another meeting of the activists of AAtW initiative, to discuss
1. Money (debts and ways to cover them) 2. Legal (as state escalate repression lately) 3.
Media 4. Future collaboration with organizations 5. Updates from meetings and from work


Yesterday, once again, demonstrators gathered in the village of Bil’in for the weekly
protest against the wall and the settlements. Some 80 Palestinians were joined by roughly
the same number of Israelis [of the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative] and
internationals, including the Code Pink delegation from the USA, who have completed a week
of activity in Israel-Palestine against the occupation and against the siege on Gaza. The
delegation reached the villages earlier that day and met with the leaders of the popular
committee, who told the delegation of the history of the struggle, and briefed them on how
to deal with the foreseen army violence in the demonstration.
A little after noon, once the Friday prayer was over, demonstrators left the village
center towards the illegal fence built on village lands, chanting slogans against the
occupation and inviting US president Obama to come and see Israel’s actions on the ground.
The procession carried on in a steady and organized fashion until it reached the gate in
the fence, where demonstrators held up their hands, calling upon the soldiers not to shoot
upon the unarmed action against an illegal fence, branded such even by the Israeli High
Court. In response the soldiers fired countless tear gas canisters, forcing most of the
demonstrators to fall back.
The demonstration, however, went on for another hour, as some people tried to reason with
the soldiers but were met with no more than tear gas and rubber-coated bullets. In one
location a group of Israelis managed to make its way to the fence itself, and turned to
the soldiers face-to-face. These, however, refused to talk to demonstrators.

Two protesters were injured and, as usual, me and dozens others suffered from gas
inhalation. [More so this week due to unfriendly wind that caused me too to suffocated for
few minutes].


Last week in Ni’ilin, Akel Srur was murdered by a sniper during the Friday demo. Saturday,
we were invited and participated in Aqel’s funeral. Link to video of the funeral:

As it was important to show our support especially this week – even more than usual. About
20 of our experienced activists mobilized for to this Friday demo.

This Friday, state force were less belligerent as media focus was on Ni’ilin and the
general political situation is sensitive. Thus, after a long while the demonstration was
relatively peaceful and no one was injured.


About 80 villagers with few Israelis and many international activists participants, but
without the members of the popular comity who are released on bail – restricting them from
participation. As state forces commander changed latitude, there was not serious
confrontation this Friday demonstration.

See also


The persistent (Tsumud) struggle to cultivate the fields near the colonialist settlement
Bat Ain continue. In spite of the harassment of settlers (who yearn to take the land) and
state forces that helps them, comrades traveled there from Tel Aviv, this Saturday too.

Today [Saturday], 3 international activists have been arrested near Chirbet Saffa (In
Hebron area), while escorting farmers who have no access to their lands near the violent
settlement Bat Ayin. (see article below).
Another video from Saffa today

Saturday 13th, around 9 PM they will be brought to the Peace court in Jerusalem in the
Russian compound in order to extend their arrest or releasing on bail and other restrictions.


Hundreds come to commemorate 42 years of the occupation of Gaza- Tel Aviv, June 6 part 2:

The demonstration in Tel Aviv – link to video

graffiti on the apartheid wall-Palestine+ex soldier t-shirt proud of killing in Gaza

Ilan S.