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Britain, London, Solfed Leaflet of Solidarity with Serbian Anarcho-Syndicalists

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Solidarity with Serbian Anarcho-Syndicalists – Arrested, harassed and being held for a
month before trial. Our comrades in Belgrade deserve justice. —- The five, Tadej Kurep,
Ivan Vulovic’, Sanja Dojkic’, Ratibor Trivunac and Nikola Mitrovic, are activists in or
associates of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative, the Serbian section of the International
Workers? Association (IWA). —- The arrests are allegedly related to an attack on the
Greek Embassy which took place on Aug 25. A petrol bomb was thrown at the embassy, causing
a crack in one window and a tiny burn mark. The wall was also graffitied. The attack was
claimed by a previously unknown group, in solidarity with Greek hunger-striker Thodoros
Iliopoulos. The prosecutor imagines that this is an act of ?international terrorism? and
wants to charge our comrades with such. These charges could carry prison sentences of
between three and fifteen years.

Those arrested deny all knowledge of the group and the attack, and believe this is an
attempt to criminalise the growing anarchist movement. We are asking the Serbian
government to drop the charges against our innocent comrades and set them free! This
injustice will not pass quietly.

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