To the opressed and exploited in Turkey, Kurdistan and around the world, a message of solidarity and struggle from Greece:


Brothers and sisters, for centuries now the bosses make us slaughter each other for their profits. They poison societies with national, racial and religious hatred, in order to keep us isolated within their borders, dependant on their financial domination and in constant fear of their militaristic violence. The regimes celebrate the massacres of the proletarians.

In greece all men are called-up for obligatory military service for the authority’s war machine. Whoever refuses to serve under the flags of the bosses faces prosecutions and large fines. I am one of all those unconditional negators of conscription who carry on the common struggle against the war of the bosses, just as the comrades in Turkey.

The greek army, just like the turkish army, is an active instrument of NATO and its campaigns of pillaging. The turkish army is conducting a perpetual war in Turkey and in Kurdistan to eliminate those who struggle against class and national tyranny. The greek army is preparing to conquer the streets in order to supress a possible insurrection.

Without our submission the machines of domination won’t function.

Sisters and brothers, lets stand on the same side of the front for a world of freedom, equality and solidarity. Lets turn the guns against authority.



Dimitris Hatzivasileiadis Athens, April 2013

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