Our Rage is Growing, So Does Our Struggle!







The going on occupation of the Taksim  Square and Gezi Park has been
attacked by the police this morning. After the meeting of the Council of
Ministers yesterday, the police came to the square early in the morning at
about 7 oclock, while shooting tear gas, the police made announcements that
they are not going to attack to the park. Hundreds of police entered to
Taksim Square pleading that there will be no attack to the park and saying
that only the banners will be moved away. While the pankarts on AKM are
moved away another group of police wanted to move away the tents on the
square. The people wanted to stop the police and police attacked to the
people with tear gas.

While the attack of the police is going on many people started to come to
the square against this faschist attack. To stop the coming of the people,
the police shooted tear gas in the metro station and  Taksim Metro station
is closed for  transportation now.

The police is using heavy  tear gas,  sound bombs and plastic bullet while
spraying pressured water with waten canons, A group of the resisters made a
peoples’ chain  standing hand in hand and the police shooted tear gas
canisters from a short distance. Many people are injured with canisters
but after the effect of the tear gas went off many people came together
and made the chain again.

Although the police announced that there will be “no intervention” to the
park, they heavily shooted  tear gas in the park,  even  to the infirmary
in the park, the injured ones were carried from the area.

Many people were injured with  tear gas canisters and plastic bullets.  Alp
Altinörs, who is a member of Taksim Solidarity Initiative is injured with a
plastic bullet from his forehead and hospitalised by an ambulance. It is
known that the police are targetting the people while shooting.

On the other hand the police have started  to raid the political places and
ofices. Bureau of a socialist group is raided and many people are taken
into custody by force. The police cuffed the resisters and brutally beat
them while they were taken.

Despite the harsh attack, the people on Taksim Square and in Gezi Park are
going on resisting. The  faschist state, opression and police terror can
not discourage us, our struggle is going on, our rage is growing so does
our struggle.

Everywhere is Istanbul and everywhere is resistance against state
terrorism, police violence and capitalist exploitation.



Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF)


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