„Cops are cops everywhere“ – campaign

Cops are cops everywhere“ – campaign

Arrests, disappearances, torture, repression, violence and human rights abuses by the state authority are increasing everyday, all over the world. Some of the newest examples are the murders in Athens and Moscow.

Capitalism operates globalized and so does its protecting organ, the police, which is unifying more and more. The police education in different countries is adapting to one another. For example, the EU mission “EUPOL COPPS” has been educating the Palestinian police for three years.

The new police generation hides its true colours behind pretended democracy and protection of human rights. Capitalist countries use to pretend their own police to be more human and to disguise its true function, sometimes even successfully (unfortunately). But in fact, there can’t be a “better” oder “worse”, a “good” or “bad” police, because the police always and everywhere represents authority and repression. Cops are cops, worldwide, only the manner of police power expresses itself differently. In some countries, brawls and arrests happen quicklier; in other countries assaults are avoided, but secret files are kept and mass surveillance is the order of the day. Is it better then, to be arrested, beated up and set free after two days or is it better to be kept under surveillance all the time and everywhere, which means never ever being free? To approve one of them would mean to choose between open and hidden violence, instead of opposing all kinds of repression.

The “cops are cops” campaign shall make us aware of the exigence not to accept this sham anymore and to expose what’s behind the curtain. Many people have become accustomed to the brutality of the police and have started to find it not that bad anymore. But getting used to something leads to its acceptance and to silence. The less we resist, the more brutality and violence affords the authority. It’s about time we sensitize again to the state repression they’re trying to get us used to, that we fight it and that we don’t allow the cops to step further, but force them, to back away.

We appeal for thematizing the topic “police power and repression” worldwide by using reports, pictures, photographs, videos, poems, songs – anything. Let your creativity run free to reveal each kind of authority of the state; against the method of the state, which collects also information about us and keeps secret files.

Our intention is to collect all datas on a common website to share and use them, so that we can work more consciously and antinational networked, define our aim clearlier and finally offer practical resistance.

This is the e-mail address you can send the datas to: worldwide.anarchy@hotmail.com

The website is under construction; we’ll inform you, as soon as it has finished.

Stay with anarchy and solidarity,

Karakök Autonome turkey/switzerland

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