Istanbul: Anarchist/Queer/Vegan day (11 April 2015)


“Anarchist/Queer/Vegan day” is a day where anarchists or autonomous from different adjectives will gather, meet, exchange information, make fun, cook and eat together and discuss the possibilities of joined struggle.

A day where we will remember our unity in the streets against to State & Police violence and against to racist & fascist& Trans/homophobic and speciesist counter-attacks.

A day where we show our existences on our ethical stances while the both the state and the opposition are tying to trap individuals with their political agenda.

On the dawn of new tyranny laws and raising organised counter attacks, we will show our solidarity to our hostage anarchists, vegans, vegetarians, queers sisters and brothers.

A day where we will build up “Do It Together” from the idea of “Do It Yourself” during the on going on struggles against to corporate dominations.

A day to show the possibilities of alliance between the individuals from different anarchist scales.

And to underline the importance of solidarity & shareing relations in a society with immigrants, socially. economically, politically deprived groups as well as with our friends and relatives.

A day to explain the unnecessity of secterian and hierarchic organizations covered with “big revolutionary” ideas in order to be able to achieve an libertarian society.

A Day that we will show our asses and challenges to the state that is trying to intimidate us and to the opposition offering “alternatives” within power alternatives.

We need to mention again that this master choseing game under the name of election is not our desire, our only desire is to destroy the parliement, all the centralist structures with an insurrection.

Lets intesify the freedom struggle of anarchy and make it a bigger threat to the system.

Stants: Anarchist groups and individuals can distribute their pamphlets.

Workshops: there are already following workshops, you can organise your own. It is a must for us to share the knowledge of daily life in order to solve our small issues without masters, experts, autorities.

-Bicycle repairing
-Tattoo making
– Hairdresser
– Self defence and martial arts
– Anarchy for kids
– Soap/detergent making
– Inked Darts (time being lets show our anger to the police with some paint)
– Printing workshop

Music and Performances: Street musicians can make their own musics in their small scale musical speakers.
Street artists are more than wellcome.

Movie screenings: It is possible to make screenings of movies, short videos and images

Food Not Bombs: They will cook really nice foods where everybody can eat and share. You can also bring food.

Barter Bazaar: Mutual or voluntary sharing, solidarity..
gift culture..

Immigrant Solidarity Stant: Syrian sisters and brothers wil share their vegan food

Free Chair: Where anyone can read things make speechs, comments about anything..

Animal Liberation and Queer titled exhibition from Ic-Mihrak

Solidarity desk with political hostages

We are waiting for everybody who declared war against to states, capitalism, police, security laws, elections, industrial genocides, homophobic transphobic violence, rape and harassment culture, against genocides over animals, against opposition traps, organisations fetisism, against all the local or central power structures, agains Democracy..

April 11 2015
Mehmet Ayvalitas Square (Kadiköy)

Note 1: This is a draft for the meeting. It will take shape with the initiatives of the participants. If you want to support or enrich the meeting please contact with us.

Note 2: For the bands who want to use our small scale sound system, or the groups individuals who want to open a desk or organise a worksjop, you can contact us via:

Tel:0505 728 24 38
International call: 0090 505 728 24 38

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