People joining Newroz celebrations attacked by police forces

Sunday, March 20, 2016 7:30 PM

Thousands across Turkey and North Kurdistan have today continued to flock to the streets to celebrate Kurdish New Year Newroz despite the bans imposed by governors ruled by the AKP.


Masses from across Istanbul tried to reach Bakırköy district to join the massive Newroz celebration which had been banned by the governor of Istanbul similar to many other cities

Police forces staged a heavy crackdown on people in every neighborhood, as a result of which people couldn’t leave their areas and reach the Newroz area in Bakırköy. Those who managed to reach the scene were also attacked by police. Journalists also faced obstructions and attacks across the city.

Dozens of people were detained as a result of police attacks throughout the day, while several others got injured.


In Urfa’s Siverek district, over a thousand people were hindered by police forces as they headed to the Newroz area in Yenişehir neighborhood under the main slogan ‘Everywhere Newroz, everywhere resistance’. Upon a continued obstruction, people marched to the town center where they faced another hindrance, and attack by police teams. The police aggression with water cannons and rubber bullets was responded with self-defense.

At least 5 people were detained in the crackdown.

In Hilvan district as well, police forces laid a siege on masses that gathered outside DBP district office before joining the Newroz celebration in Karacurun neighborhood. Many still managed to enter the area and light a Newroz fire.

In Viranşehir district, people were similarly denied access to the Newroz area which had already been blockaded by police forces as of early morning hours.

Despite all the hindrances, people managed to enter the Newroz area in Şırnak neighborhood. A Newroz fire was lighted here, upon which police attacked the mass with tear gas and water cannons.

Youths that gathered and lighted Newroz fire in Şırnak, Cumhuriyet and Emiroğlu were also attacked by police forces. While youths responded to the attacks, clashes spread to a wider area. Three people were detained here and taken to police headquarters.


Newroz celebrations were also banned in the western province of İzmir, as a result of which police forces laid a siege around the central Gündoğdu Square where the event was set to take place.

People gathered outside HDP provincial office before reaching the area only by overcoming the obstructions of police teams.

In Karşıyaka district, people gathered and lighted Newroz fire in Yamaç neighborhood where they staged a march, chanting slogans praising the Kurdish resistance and struggle. Police attacked the crowd soon later and faced response, which resulted in clashes that lasted until police forces’ retreat from the neighborhood.


In the southern province of Adana, thousands gathered in Dağlıoğlu neighborhood despite the governor’s ban on events to mark the Kurdish New Year. Police staged a crackdown on the people who mounted self-defense in response, that eventually resulted in clashes.

People built up barricades and enhanced the resistance in a wider area upon a continued aggression by police forces in various locations.

In the district of Seyhan, women and youths gathered in Gülbahçe neighborhood and lighted Newroz fire, around which they performed the Kurdish folk dance ‘halay’.

Police attacked the people here as well, to which youths responded with stones, molotovs and blast bombs. Clashes erupted in many areas.

People in Misis town of Sarıçam district did also face a crackdown by gendarmes. Many were detained here.

Those celebrating Newroz in Yunus Emre neighborhood of Osmaniye district were similarly attacked by police who also detained 2 persons.

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