Internationalist anarchists in solidarity with the Kurdish people: Athens, Lyon, Sofia, Melbourne.

(Patra, Greece)

“We do not forget our murdered brothers and sisters in Turkey. Solidarity to revolted Rojava

(Anarchist collective “Disinios Ippos”)”.

İtalya’dan Dayanışma / Solidarity From Italy


AFA and the Autonomous Workers’ Union protest in front of the Turkish embassy in the capital in solidarity with the Suruc massacre victims and the combatants and civilians killed by Turkish airstrikes in the last days. With banners “Solidarity – Suruc, Kobane, Quandil” and “Victory to the Kurdish freedom fighters” they joined an international call for demonstrations after the ISIS-organised massacre and the allegations for support from the Turkish government. In the recent days Erdogan’s army has carried out attacks on PKK and YPGiaffiliated guerrillas and civilians, using airplanes, artillery and tanks, whilst pretending to be simultaneously fighting ISIS.

Kurdish Solidarity Rallies Against Turkish Aggression and Suruç Massacre


Protestors have held demonstrations in various European capitals, Tel Aviv, and also in many US cities.

Rally in Tel Aviv Photo: Avi Blecherman

San Francisco Source: It's going down

Kansas City, Missouri rally Source: Revolution News

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